Department of Mathematics and Statistics Professor Kerry Landman

Research group members

Professor Barry Hughes

Dr Darragh Walsh, Resarch Fellow

Axel Almet, MSc student

Nick Evans, Vacation scholar

Vincent Pang, Vacation scholar

Recent Student Completions:

Alex Zarebski: "Snips and trips: Enter the extracellular matrix", MSc 2014

Kit Joyce: "Chemotaxis: from cells to swarms", MSc 2014

Catherine Penington: "Building macroscopic models from microscopic probabilistic models", PhD 2014.

Rebecca Chisholm: "Mathematical modelling of biological systems driven by cell migration and proliferation", PhD 2013.

James Caffrey: "Mathematical Modelling Of Layering in Nature", PhD 2012.

Bevan Cheeseman: "Cell Motility: A probabilistic modelling framework for single cell movement with explicit extracellular matrix modelling", MSc 2012.

Jack Hywood: "Modelling underlying tissue growth: A study of methods for describing the average behaviour of interacting and non-interacting particle systems", MSc 2012.

Chris Baker: "Random walks in random environments with local dynamic interactions", MSc 2012.

Madeleine Huggins: "Blind and myopic interacting random walkers". BSc Honours Thesis 2010.

Abbey Trewenack: "Reaction diffusion equations for dispersing and settling populations in biology". PhD 2008 Working at TSG Consulting, Perth.

Jennifer Slater: "Growing network models with an application to neurogenesis". PhD 2008 Working at Systemwide Consulting, Melbourne.

Anna Cai: Multi-scale modelling of cell populations in experimental systems: migration proliferation and differentiation. PhD 2007. Research and teaching position in the Department of Mathematics at University of California at Irvine in Professor Qing Nie’s group 2008-2011. Lecturer at University of Sydney, 2011-

Amy Sullivan: Chemical signals in interneuron migration: modelling repulsion and inhibition. MSc 2007. Now at Hewlett Packard, Melbourne.

Kaushik Bhaganagarapu: Interacting cell populations. BSc (Hons) 2006. Now at Hearne Scientific Software, Melbourne.

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