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Virtual Duality!

For your convenience we provide a portable duality machine that will enable you to construct the duals of small linear programming problems.

In due course we shall provide here an interactive tutorial on Duality Theory in the context of linear programming problems. For the time being you'll have to be content with the machine alone.

In response to popular demand, we also provide a colorless version of this facility for those of you with software/hardware that cannot handle the colors properly. Click this picture to move there.

You are advised that the code is written in JavaScript so .... you'll need Netscape 3 to use the interactive facility. Beta versions of Netscape 4 may cause errors and MS Explorer will certainly not function properly.

Specifiy the size of the primal problem
m (number of constraints) =
n (number of variables) =


You may also wish to visit our LP Tutotrial and play a bit with our Simplex Engine. Or perhaps you may prefer to experiment with some DP engines?!?! Who knows? The choice is yours!

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  • Simplex Engine
  • DP Virtual Studio
  • Have fun!

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