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Adam Cagliarini

PhD Student
Stanford University
Graduated 1998

After graduating in 1998 with honours in Mathematics and Statistics and Economics, I began work with the Reserve Bank of Australia in Sydney. I began work in the Research Department where I was responsible for the development and maintenance of a macroeconomic model of Australia, which required extensive statistical and mathematical skills. I was involved in a number of projects looking at the decision making under uncertainty, one of which looked at certain choice theory axioms to examine how decisions by central banks can be made when the underlying probability distribution of shocks hitting the economy are unknown. This project required knowledge from operations research (optimal control) and probability theory, two fields which feature prominently in economics.

I took on a couple more roles at the Bank until I began my PhD at Stanford, where my studies in mathematics and statistics from my undergraduate degree have been invaluable. My graduate studies have required extensive knowledge of real analysis, topology, probability theory, operations research and statistics and without this background, my studies would have been much more difficult. For instance, research in fields such as game theory or auction theory require a good working knowledge of real analysis and topology, knowledge that I did not know I would be using when studying these as an undergraduate.

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