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SMO 2017
Calling all budding high school mathematicans it's SMO Time !

When: Sun. 20 August 2017 (UniMelb Open day), 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm (registration starts 11:30)

Where: JH Mitchell Theatre, Peter Hall Building, University of Melbourne

In the School Maths Olympics (SMO), teams of students from secondary schools compete in an exciting and fast-moving event that combines physical and intellectual elements, in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. The problems are based more on lateral thinking than manual calculation, and require no knowledge of mathematics above Year 10 level. As such, a high school student of any year level with a talent for problem solving is suitable for this competition. Further information may be found at:

Prizes will be awarded to the highest scoring teams, who will also be invited to lunch with the organisers and helpers. It is not necessary for students to wear school uniform.

Please note: team places are strictly limited and due to overwhelming demand we must impose a strict limit of one team per school. Schools wishing to send more than one team may indicate their preference to do so on the event form, and in the event that places are still available after the closing date, those schools will be invited to register another team. If you have any problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

To register, please fill in your details and purchase a slot on our Eventbrite page. The entry fee is $30 + $2.34 booking fee ($32.34 total) , and registration closes at the end of Sunday 06 August.

Puzzle Hunt Announcement

Regretfully, MUMS is unable to run a Puzzlehunt this year. Being such an exciting staple of our calendar for many years, this is a painful but necessary decision.

We hope it will be back up and running in 2018.

Look out for more details next year

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You can contact MUMS in a variety of ways...

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Phone: (03) 8344 4021

Post: MUMS, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne, Parkville Vic 3010

Visit: Room G24, Peter Hall Building, University of Melbourne, 3010


New Email Address

Hi everyone,

We at MUMS have a new email to contact us on, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

So sorry if you have had emails bouncing to the old address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


MUMS Committee

Welcome Back to 2017!

Welcome back to 2017!

MUMS has exciting plans for you all this year, with the usual events and some new ones.

We hope you can join us throughout the year to celebrate all things maths and stats

2016 UMO Results



The 2016 UMO was a marvellous success! We had 10 teams compete to see whos mathematical skills will reigns supreme.

Proof by Intimidation flew ahead to claim 1st place, answering all but 1 question! Marvellous work team!

But the race for 2nd and 3rd was close! Down to the last seconds teams were getting questions in. Are you for Real got a 50 mark in last second just pulling ahead of our SMO champions Trinity Transcedentals who finished in a very respectful 3rd place! We need to keep an eye on these future mathemagicians.

As you can see by the scores it was a tight race, with an exciting atmosphere in the Wright Theatre.



Team Score
1 Proof by Intimidation 450
2 Are you for Real? 420
3 Trinity Transcendentals 410
4 Boom Hierarchy 330
5 Algorizma 280
6 The Turd Year Luiser Mathemagicians 270
7 Chang 260
8 Nerds and Victor 190
9 Mathematical Mathematics Memes 170
10 Caps, Pots and full of uncertainty 150


Our prizes were very generously donated by Vesparum Capital, So please have a look and see if you or anyone you know might be interested in a career with them (their grad/internship program appears to accept any year of study)!

A huge thank you to Adib for collecting the questions for the event! And just the whole MUMS committee for helping out on the day with marking and organising everything was great day!

We look forward to next years event!



The results are in from this year's successful SMO on Sunday Aug 21st 2016.

Congratulations Trinity Grammar with taking out the competition with a remarkable 350 points!

We look forward to inviting back the top 5 teams, Trinity Transcedentals, Peking Dux, Pegsponentials, Aussie Home and Mobius Strips to participate in the upcoming UMO!

The questions and answers to the problemos the young math masters answered on Sunday afternoon have been added to the SMO page.

Ranking Points School Team Name
1 350 Trinity Grammar Trinity Transcedentals
2 300 Scotch College Peking Dux
2 300 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar Pegsponentials
4 250 Aussie Home Education Aussie Home
5 230 Caulfield Grammar Mobius Strips
6 200 Fintona Girls Acute Team
6 200 MLC Kew Becos
8 190 Melbourne High School QED and we are done
8 190 Box Hill High Hoax Bills
10 170 Strathmore Secondary College SSCrew
11 160 Trinity Grammar Trinity Tangents
12 140 Caulfield Grammar School Perpendicular Bisectors
12 140 Girton Grammar Arizona Scuba Diving Squad
12 140 Essendon Keilor College π-rates
15 130 McKinnon Secondary College Well Euled Machine
16 120 Alphington Grammar Team AGS
17 110 Fintona Girls Obtuse Team
18 100 Luther College Flat Earth Society
19 90 Alphington Grammar Tan(π/2)
19 90 Goulburn Valley Grammar The Pelieens
21 70 Cranbourne East Secondary School Crannies
21 70 University High EBSS+1
21 70 Essendon Keilor College Stop Sines
24 60 Emerald Secondary Emerald
24 60 Bayside College
26 50 Illim College Illim College
27 40 Mt St Joseph Girls College MSJ Mathletes
27 40 Sirius College Shepparton Sirius College Team SCT
27 40 Melbourne Girls Grammar Don't touch my asymptote!
AGM news!

So AGM update:

Good job to everyone who was elected to the executive at Tuesday's Annual General Meeting and gracia everyone who came along and took part.

Executive office bearers:

President: Michael Rixon 
Vice-President: James Boon
Secretary: Giles Adams
Treasurer: Dillon Chong
Education Officer: Jingyi Song 
Publicity Officer: Emma Arrigo 
Paradox editor: Ruwan Devasurendra

Undergrad reps: Matthew Thomas, David Ripper, Samoil Jovanoski, Cassy Olive 
Postgrad rep: Sam Lyons

Special ty to our outgoing executive members especially Tien Huynh, Damian Pavlyshyn and Paul Nyugen for their tremendous effort over the past several years! Also a shoutout to our outgoing Education Officer Sally He who organised some stimulating seminars and did a wonderful job!
You will never be forgotten, legacy continues.

Pizza was good and hope y'all agreed. Should be a good year ahead for the Melbourne Uni Maths and Stats Society! I hope you can come along on this journey. 
Pls feel free to contact any of us about MUMS ideas or any recommendations :) especially moi (Emma)


Publicity Officer

Past SMOs

Here is an archive of some of the past Schools Maths Olympics. Results, question and answers are available for most years.

Note: Some of the files below are in PDF format. You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader from here. Please note: if you get the error "An internal error has occured" whilst viewing any of these PDF documents, try saving them before opening.

2016 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 21 August

2014 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 17 August

2013 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 18 August

2012 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 19 August

2011 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 21 August

2010 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 15 August

2009 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 16 August

2008 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 17 August

2007 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 19 August

2006 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 20 August

2005 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 21 August

2004 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 22 August

2003 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 17 August

2002 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 18 August

2001 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 19 August

2000 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 20 August

1999 Schools Maths Olympics - Sunday 15 August

This is the first year that the Schools Maths Olympics were held. Previously, school teams could enter the University Maths Olympics directly. However, by separating the Olympics into two events, we have encouraged greater involvement from schools by being able to include more of them, and by using maths problems specifically tailored to their level. Needless to say, the Schools Maths Olympics gave many high school students a look at Melbourne Uni life in a somewhat different perspective!

The best school teams qualified for entry to the University Maths Olympics on 13 September 1999.

Thanks must go to Philip Swedosh for hosting the event with his undeniable wit and also to Tony Wirth and Chaitanya Rao for doing much of the organization.


A friendly welcome to all starting at the University of Melbourne this year!

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What is MUMS?

The Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society, also known as MUMS, was formed to represent maths and stats students at Melbourne University. We welcome anyone else with an interest in maths or stats. We organise a variety of activities, including seminars, trivia competitions, barbecues and of course the annual Puzzle Hunt and Maths Olympics. We also put out our magazine Paradox at regular intervals.

If you wish to be notified of our events by email, please subscribe to our mailing list.

MUMS has a room in the Peter Hall Building (the home of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics). It is located on the ground floor, opposite the main reception. This room is mainly used socially, and all are welcome to stop by. The MUMS noticeboard is directly outside the room, and lists our upcoming events and seminars.

MUMS is affiliated to the University of Melbourne Student Union. Support from UMSU and from the Department is gratefully acknowledged.

To contact or enquire about MUMS, you are welcome to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .