Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society

1998 University Maths Olympics Results

Scotch Improves With Age but Grammar Deteriorates

And as Phil Swedosh tells us, interesting names don't pay off. Dot dot dot.

On Friday the 28th of August the Maths Olympics were staged by the Melbourne Uni Maths & Stats Society (MUMS) in Theatre A, Richard Berry Building. Below are the results of the 28 teams involved. The first number is the aggregate score, the second number is the number of the last question that was solved. In the event of equal scores, the second number was used to resolve ties. If this number was tied, the previous question solved was used, and so on.
e.g. 110/15 indicates that the team scored 110 points and that the last question they solved was question 15 (of 20).

(1)Scotch (Scotch College) 110/15
(2)Pure Optimists (Pure Maths Staff) 100/15
(3)These problems are making me thirsty (ex-Olympians) 95/15
(4)Totally UnKemped (A Big Bunch of Idiots) 80/15
(5)Ellipsis (Physics/Mech Eng/Maths) 65/12
(6)"Russell's Paradox" (Paradox People) 60/13
(7)Black Tigers (Engineering) 60/13
(8)Ormond Magic (Med/Dental/Sci) 60/12
(9)Sons of Ho (Mt Scopus Memorial College) 55/15
(10)The Model Team (Applied Maths Staff) 50/11
(11)On Edge (Maths & Stats Tutors) 45/11
(12)IH (International House) 45/9
(=13)Lawrence Ip has gone - we have a chance (Commerce) 40/9
(=13)University High School 40/9
(15)Fat Chance (Statistics Staff) 35/11
(16)Pack of Idiots (Five people from various faculties) 35/10
(17)Outliers (3rd year Med) 30/10
(18)MACROB (MacRobertson Girls High School) 30/9
(19)LIFO (Elec Eng) 30/7
(20)Division by Zero (mostly Sci/Eng) 25/9
(21)Fast Tracker Team (Trinity College, Trinity Foundation) 25/8
(22)PLC (Presbyterian Ladies' College) 25/7
(23)The G08 Spot (Maths Honours) 20/8
(24)The Gurus (Working Engineers) 20/8
(25)Team 1 (1st Year Students) 20/7
(26)Integration Sensation (Commerce/Sci) 15/8
(=27)"Alpha" (Engineering) 10/7
(=27)Mickey Mouse Desperados (Melbourne Grammar School) 10/7

Many thanks to Warwick Evers, Lawrence Ip and Chaitanya Rao who set the questions.