Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society

1999 University Maths Olympics Results

Team Number Nineteen wins, just ahead of team number 19!

On Monday the 13th of September the Maths Olympics were staged by the Melbourne Uni Maths & Stats Society (MUMS) in Theatre A, Richard Berry Building. Below are the results of the 27 teams involved. The first number is the aggregate score, the second number is the number of the last question that was solved. In the event of equal scores, the second number was used to resolve ties. If this number was tied, the previous question solved was used, and so on.
e.g. 90/15 indicates that the team scored 90 points and that the last question they solved was question 15 (of 20).

(1) Team Number Nineteen (Melbourne Uni Maths Nerds) 90/15
(2) Uni Low (5 very handsome, quite virile gents) 80/16
(3) The Moebius Bandits (Pure Maths Staff) 80/14
(4) Ordogonal projection (Oldies from Maths, Physics, Engineering) 75/14
(5) e mu pi (Cool dudes) 65/11
(6) Caulfield Grammar School 60/13
(7) Penny's Pentagonal Pythagorean Pals (Maths & Stats Tutors) 55/10
(8) Black Tigers (Melbourne Uni Indian Club) 50/14
(9) Squared PEGS (Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School) 50/11
(10) Fred (1st year Comp Sci & Engineering) 45/10
(11) Catch 7pi and a bit (Friends from Eng, Med, Sci) 40/9
(12) Neural Driftwood (assortment from Eng, Sci, Law, Arts, Med, Commerce) 35/9
(13) The Statistical Anomalies (Statistics Staff) 35/9
(14) Uni High (University High School) 35/9
(15) MGS (Melbourne Grammar School) 35/9
(16) Illegal Entry (Engineering) 35/9
(17) Interfacial continua (Applied Maths Staff) 30/10
(18) Four box counters and a sheep counter (Stat Mech night owls) 30/9
(19) The Invisible Mathematicians (Trinity College - July Fast Track) 20/11
(=20) Sons of Ho (Medicine, Engineering & Arts) 20/10
(=20) Team Wira (Team Malaysia - ex Taylor's College & Sunway College S.J.) 20/10
(22) All good ideas were born on a lunch break (Physics students) 20/8
(23) A function of U is a strict subset of K (3rd year maths students) 20/7
(24) Four lawyers and a nerd (Science/Law, Computer Science) 20/6
(25) Success (Chemical, Computer & Mechanical Eng) 15/6
(26) Fat Foxy's Fellas (Bunch of hacks) 15/3
(27) Deli (Chemical Engineering) 5/7

Many thanks to Lawrence Ip who set the questions, Phil Swedosh for being a fine host, and Tony Wirth who did most of the organization.