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Puzzle Hunt 2014


As the smoke clears you notice a tattered, leather-bound book resting amongst various papers. It begins: "Legend tells of the mysterious Philosopher's Stone, a mysterious alchemical substance capable of feats beyond one's wildest dreams."

Scratching your head, you catch sight of your right hand, realising that your right arm is now a conglomerate of metal. Strangely enough, it is as functional as a regular arm. Looking out the window, you hear several unearthly roars echo throughout the campus.

With no recollection of recent prior events, you can only wonder: Does this 'Philosopher's Stone' exist? What animals out there could possibly be making these sounds? What is the meaning behind these various symbols adorning the circle on the floor?

Put your skills to the test for the 2014 Melbourne University Puzzle Hunt, as you attempt to regain your lost memories and conquer the impending evil.

$600 of prizes are up for grabs, so sign up now for the one-week adventure happening on 5th-9th May.

Puzzle Hunt 2014

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