Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society

Puzzle Hunt Credits

Production team

  • Julian Assange (plot/script, general nonsense)
  • Maun Suang Boey (script)
  • Joanna Cheng (Best [only] Girl)
  • Maurice Chiodo (burial detail)
  • Joe Healy (special effects)
  • Russell Jenkins (special effects)
  • James Saunderson (typesetting, graphics, PR)
  • Tharatorn Supasiti (producer, script)
  • Nick Sheridan (script)
  • Daniel Yeow (script)

Puzzle authors

  • Julian Assange {Abstract(ion), Caeser Cipher, Disc, Platonic, Score, Surstro:mming}
  • Maun Suang Boey {Checkmate}
  • Maurice Chiodo {Meta}
  • Holly Champion {Score}
  • Denise Lim and Norman Do {Books}
  • Daniel Mathews {Breakthrough}
  • Nick Sheridan {Ekkos, Family Tree, Seating Plan}
  • Tharatorn Supasiti {Call, Entropy, Pairs, Tour, Whirling}
  • Daniel Yeow {Pianola}