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Judges' Prize


Entries have now closed for the Judges Prize. The winning team was "Little Blue". View their winning entry here.

Feeling done over by Discs? Want something more artistic? Annoyed by mistakes and subtleties in the puzzlehunt script? Feel you could have shown those maths geeks a thing or two about how to write [our excuse is that we wrote each act in real time i.e the same day it was released].


The JUDGES PRIZE this year will be awarded to the team that writes:

    The best short story capturing / extending the puzzle hunt plot.
The judging criteria will be
    (a) quality of writing / overall feel / orginality

    (b) filling in the partially hidden parts of the plot
    e.g what were the circumstances and motivations behind your death and zombification?)

The winning story will receive a $50 prize at the award ceremony, a copyright waver and a statement from the JUDGES. The top three stories will be sent to all puzzlehunt contestants and we will short list the others on the website.

Entries must be received by MUMS or the Puzzle Hunt Team by the end of Friday October the 1st, 2004.