Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society

Puzzle Hunt Rules


  • To find a hidden object specified in the puzzle
  • Gain as many points as possible by solving the puzzles using the least number of hints/days


  • Each team can have a number of members not more than 10.
  • There is no other restriction on team make up, in particular members do not need to have an association with the University of Melbourne or be Australian citizens.
  • A team may use all sources of information available to it including the internet and other people
  • Answers gleaned from the MUMS committee or math department computers will result in disqualification
  • There is no dateline to finish the hunt
  • Each team will receive the first set of puzzles on Monday at 12pm. They will receive the further four sets each day at 5pm until Friday. This means five sets in total will be given during the course of this event. Each team can collect puzzles from the MUMS room at any time during the day after 4pm or we will send the next set of puzzles at 5pm via email.
  • On the day after receiving a puzzle, the first hint will be given. The next day after, the second will be given and so on.
  • The hints will be displayed daily at 5pm at MUMS room and be sent at 5pm through email.
  • You may submit/check your answers via the website at anytime till the end of the hunt.
  • Guesses accross all puzzles are limited to 100 per day.
  • The scoring of the teams stops when the first team recovers the object and brings it to us.
  • The first team to do so receives the major prize.
  • Other places are awarded based on score.
  • MUMS committee members are not eligible for the major prize.


  • Apart from recovering the object to win this competition, you can win a prize by having the highest score.
  • Each puzzle has a total of 4 points at the start.
  • A point is deducted from the total for a puzzle for each hint we give.
  • This will be done automatically after 5pm everyday.
  • After the first team has completed the hunt, all the points will be added up to form a final score.
  • The two non-winning teams with the highest scores will also receive prizes.
  • The theoretical maximum score is 72.


  • The first team to recover the object will receive $200.
  • The non-winning team to score the most points at the point when the object is recovered will receive $60.
  • The non-winning team to score the next most points at the point when the object is recovered will receive $40.


  • Winners will be announced via email and outside the MUMS room.
  • The answer to each puzzle is one word.
  • The hunt will continue over the break, if no one finds the object sooner.