Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society

Puzzle Hunt Credits

Cast and Crew

  • Maun Suang Boey (Editor) - Tiling, Rêverie, Candles
  • Joanna Cheng (Alice) - Commuting, Tiling
  • Maurice Chiodo (Foot Soldier #3) - Tiling
  • Norman Do and Denise Lim (Producers (Perth)) - Binocular, Christmas
  • Michael de Graaf (Screenplay) - Tiling, Euterpe
  • Andrew Kwok (Best Boy) - Tiling, Rendezvous, Sleuth
  • James Saunderson (Set Designer) - Tiling, Cacophony
  • Tharatorn Supasiti (Gaffer) - Lemmings, Tiling, Claymore, Tapestry
  • Damjan Vukcevic (Executive Producer) - AsciiArt, Direction, Tiling, Kaleidoscope, Frescoes
  • Daniel Yeow (Key Grip) - Direction, Tiling, Cubicle
  • Geordie Zhang (The Manticore) - Tiling, Archimedes, Zodiac
  • James Zhao (Director) - Graffiti, Division, Tiling, Snake, Hitchhiking, Slides, Candles, Defenestration, Wonderland


  • Julian Assange (Suspicious Man in Direction, Sleuth and Cacophony)
  • Russell Jenkins (Security)
  • Chris Rechner (Melbourne Skyline Artwork)
  • D. Chan, G. White and The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor John Chun Sai So (Themselves)
  • The rest of the MUMS Committee (Stunts)
  • Google, Yahoo, Wordsmith and Babelfish (Special Effects)
  • Sierra On-Line, Dante Alighieri, Robert Zemeckis, Archimedes of Syracuse, Ernö Rubik, Douglas Adams, Various Musicians and Composers, Melways, Michaelangelo de Buonarotti, Claude Monet, Edvard Munch, Theodore J. Knott, Lewis Carroll, Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue (Scenery)

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