Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society

  • 23rd April 1:02PM: There is a typo in 1.4 where NEW DELHI was previously misspelled as NEW DEHLI. The PDF has been updated.
  • 24th April 4:22PM: In 2.3 there is an unlabelled town between TOWNSVILLE and ROCKHAMPTON which should not be there. The PDF has been updated.
  • 25th April 7:16PM: Adventure has been updated to prevent some items from being unintentionally picked up.
  • 26th April 9:09AM: 3.2 Adventure: The green and blue doors should remain locked when the river appears. There are also bugs with using the amethyst in certain ways after obtaining it.
  • 26th April 9:09AM: The second hint for 2.3 should say Player 11 instead of Player 7. This has been corrected.