Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society

Puzzle Hunt Rules

Rules have been consolidated, but bold rules below are important changes from previous years.


  • Teams are limited to 10 registered members.
  • Any action deemed unsporting by the Puzzle Hunt organisers may result in disqualification. This includes, but is not limited to, soliciting and/or stealing answers and intentionally sabotaging any aspect of a puzzle.


  • Individual puzzles will be released each midday, throughout the week from Monday 23rd April to Friday 27th April.
  • In addition, there is a special "meta" puzzle which ties in all the answers from the individual puzzles to reveal where a hidden object is located.
  • Hints will be released for each puzzle every 24 hours after a puzzle's release, for a total of three hints per puzzle.
  • Scoring will continue until the hunt ends at midday on Tuesday 1st May, at which point solutions to all puzzles will be posted.
  • Puzzle answers are to be submitted via the Solve page. The answer checker is designed to be highly forgiving (see the FAQ for further elaboration) though each puzzle is designed to have one canonical correct answer comprising only alphabetical characters.
  • No penalties are imposed for incorrect answer submissions, but such incorrect guesses are limited to 100 per day.


  • Individual puzzles are initially worth 5 points, but decrease by 1 point for every hint released prior to solving.
  • Teams with equal scores are ranked by the number of puzzles they have solved. If there is still a tie, then they are ranked by their average solve time.


  • First place ($300) - Awarded to the team that recovers the hidden object
  • Second place ($200) - Awarded to the highest ranked, (non-winning) team
  • Third place ($100) - Awarded to the second highest ranked, (non-winning) team
  • MUMS Committee members may take part in the hunt but are ineligible for prizes