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Team Statistics
RankTeam nameScoreSolvedAverage solve timeIncorrect guesses
1Xyzzy100 202.61 hrs24
2The Sons of Tamarkin100209.35 hrs59
3Killer Chicken Bones98 205.68 hrs71
4象を発射98 209.05 hrs211
5The Judean GNUs98 2011.35 hrs73
6Felonious Ferrets96 2016.06 hrs45
7crackerjacks94 2018.72 hrs172
8ManMaths Hasslingemus91 2022.68 hrs18
9The Illegal Has Landed89 2018.18 hrs0
10www.puzzletome.com872024.29 hrs118
11Misremembered Apple872030.40 hrs133
12Just-Us League85 2025.29 hrs73
13The Elite83 2026.26 hrs69
14Death From Above83 2034.02 hrs165
15Wild Goldfish: Beeriodic Table79 2033.05 hrs114
16Tweleve Pack79 2033.41 hrs14
17CISRA Puzzlers76 2038.16 hrs47
18Scum of the Earth681842.17 hrs48 / ToothyWiki631639.05 hrs35
20Team Existential Room631528.33 hrs154
21TOPS62 2056.05 hrs50
22Unencrypted621741.68 hrs88
23RESIDENTial Election621428.92 hrs38
24ynysafari611851.78 hrs104
25LalGal591429.23 hrs53
26The Chronoclers591432.39 hrs99
275 Blind Boys541663.39 hrs13
28Bandcamp531875.39 hrs55
29www.puzzlebrains.com531655.98 hrs110
30#mise521330.14 hrs130
31Polarbears for Lunch501868.88 hrs165
32Animated Ammenate501457.73 hrs127
33Team 4A: Jumpy Quark Wizards of Hexagonal Bat Cave451236.70 hrs102
34Kevin441354.64 hrs39
35the flying penguins431562.08 hrs20
36His Snazzy Intellectual Tigers Posse431351.29 hrs70
37Anemonas431247.03 hrs73
38Stick Insects R Us401251.94 hrs229
39Compu-Hyper-Global-Mega-Net40923.05 hrs66
40#2ndfloor4087.45 hrs37
41The Smooth Operators391571.07 hrs10
42CRAZY WA391257.88 hrs133
43BL*CK361464.99 hrs39
44Flower Power341158.86 hrs33
45THE CENACLEANS341054.45 hrs135
46Q4T311285.74 hrs291
47Vanadium30726.38 hrs13
48The Legend of the Rent291056.66 hrs226
49KC KC Bridge Bridge Bridge26746.98 hrs32
50Lord Wellington's Beef Trapeze25863.58 hrs37
51The Finders25747.12 hrs183
52takotsubo_callmemaybe24746.50 hrs38
53general hospital23854.17 hrs53
54Just Add Ice22987.63 hrs154
55Mayhem22656.91 hrs32
56Jack Is da Bomb21664.34 hrs0
57Huzzle Punters20978.39 hrs68
58Exclave of Domination19770.43 hrs22
59snap17667.34 hrs29
60Team Bowtie17544.04 hrs50
61The SkyKings168100.08 hrs47
62Monkey at the Typewriter16794.98 hrs16
63Victorious Secret16555.72 hrs48
64Alien Lab15672.75 hrs17
65Bounce14782.19 hrs59
66The Awesome Fivesome147111.98 hrs41
67HMC Hammer14682.34 hrs16
68Transcontinental Prevailroad14558.72 hrs17
69Puzun14448.60 hrs17
708403 Team14473.46 hrs7
71ook13592.16 hrs37
72The League of Associated Persons13447.71 hrs13
73mugumugwump13459.12 hrs13
74huzzlepunters 201213330.02 hrs20
75Fifty-nine Degrees North13334.85 hrs13
76Team Escultura12458.85 hrs20
77One more beer, please11353.28 hrs5
78Sharpie Samurais10344.93 hrs13
79Postit Pandas10345.10 hrs36
80Esic1028.81 hrs0
81thelowne ranger10213.61 hrs2
82Academia Torments Them10215.63 hrs6
83Teambadger9364.06 hrs119
84Panda Cubs9376.18 hrs5
85Aurora Borealis8490.93 hrs25
86Duck Soup8494.29 hrs31
87Awkward Turtle8361.45 hrs12
88Team Kargach7380.08 hrs7
89AoPS7246.14 hrs5
90Da House6379.61 hrs41
91The George Shouse Experience63132.44 hrs19
92QueenBee6254.31 hrs1
93XX-Rated6257.93 hrs2
94The League of Snazzy Gentlemen5264.55 hrs4
95ThamesValleyTerror5118.90 hrs5
96The potential well of destiny5119.29 hrs7
97C-lickers5123.02 hrs4
98Outsiders4134.67 hrs48
99Pumps and Rumps4145.11 hrs7
100bossanova4146.53 hrs2
101Pod Unity3148.68 hrs49
102danozz3154.98 hrs32
103Easy as 3.143158.49 hrs4
104Fishtopia3159.95 hrs5
105GNDN3160.19 hrs16
106Very Friendly Dragon3161.06 hrs49
107Merovingian Avengers2179.68 hrs41
108The Hyperbolic Paraboloids2181.66 hrs12
109Uniprocessors2182.30 hrs18
110the I in team2184.13 hrs26
111Team Curlytek2191.69 hrs32
112Hard Bricked Phone21114.58 hrs19
113Z.E.R.O21125.01 hrs9