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Team Statistics
RankTeam nameScoreSolvedAverage solve timeIncorrect guesses
1The Sons of Tamarkin98 207.77 hrs119
2[pi]96 2010.47 hrs54
3Plugh the Magic Dragon96 2010.84 hrs171
4Ceteram censeo elephantēs esse dēlendōs94 2011.82 hrs220
5The Judean GNUs93 2014.45 hrs118
6CISRA Puzzlers93 2015.08 hrs55
7The Elite901914.19 hrs39
8Felonious Ferrets87 2029.16 hrs37
9Wild Goldfish: Ghost Cameras82 2029.77 hrs52
10Quizzical Activity80 2033.24 hrs12
11Tweleve Pack801928.39 hrs15
12Trufact™791818.89 hrs7
13Death From Above751829.46 hrs174
14Misremembered Apple741625.10 hrs58
15Just-Us League73 2041.95 hrs54
16Stick Insects R Us731725.47 hrs80
17Puzzletome731513.38 hrs56
18puzzlebunny.com711628.61 hrs33
19Animated Ammenate701945.02 hrs89
20Black Fedora Group701618.35 hrs280
22Masterminds691734.97 hrs92
23OM NOM NOM NOM681523.69 hrs1
24Flower Power671841.00 hrs42
25Unencrypted651739.32 hrs25
26Kevin631422.49 hrs8
27Killer Chicken Bones631310.67 hrs24
28LalGal591213.73 hrs2
29ManMaths571656.57 hrs31
30Scum of the Earth571545.07 hrs16
31Staggering Genius571324.40 hrs9
32The George Shouse Experience551540.17 hrs92
33Elephants on Fire531329.64 hrs43
34The Illegal Has Relanded511223.72 hrs5
35ducksoup501445.36 hrs15
36[disconnected]501228.65 hrs29
37CHGMN501229.32 hrs14
38puzzlebrains491339.60 hrs29
39Team Room X481341.43 hrs33
40HMC Hammer481126.91 hrs29
41chicken_and_rofls461340.55 hrs28
42The Suicidal Rodents461342.58 hrs30
43#mise461016.57 hrs35
44Bandcamp451239.04 hrs4
455 Blind Boys441244.84 hrs10
46Bearuzzlers441131.18 hrs66
47We've made a huge mistake441020.52 hrs12
48KLB431028.34 hrs33
49cats401141.76 hrs18
50NKOTB391354.17 hrs78
51Union Knights381036.89 hrs10
52Huzzle Punters 2013351258.42 hrs13
53The AUKS351273.45 hrs153
54Edgar Hunter341059.27 hrs163
55Theaceae34825.79 hrs4
56Fifty-nine Degrees North34829.03 hrs21
57Hella and the Umbrellas33942.89 hrs1
58Orange Mocha Frappuccino33715.26 hrs10
59yope32946.19 hrs12
60Anemonas32834.15 hrs23
61boat haus311061.05 hrs12
62Trundling On31840.99 hrs27
63Candoris281179.79 hrs4
64Team 4A in the Hungary Hungary Hippo Tournament28957.69 hrs61
65Blaidd Drwg27951.66 hrs38
66TripleM27951.93 hrs9
67Quarks and Gluons27841.81 hrs2
68OMFGBBQ27733.04 hrs1
69The Lone Puzzler27739.75 hrs10
70Trap Door Spiders26852.66 hrs37
71Notorious PIG26628.81 hrs11
72CSHS25967.42 hrs5
73The Quick Brown Fox25854.13 hrs12
74The Natural 20s25854.95 hrs68
75not AoPS25741.34 hrs2
76Growing Up Ghoti24861.68 hrs18
77I Taw a Putty Tat24638.17 hrs14
78Cambria Draconis22868.46 hrs85
79Puzun22754.71 hrs14
80Singapore Stattos21756.21 hrs21
81Happy Hedgehog20873.54 hrs11
82Momo20770.79 hrs19
83Pink Death20644.41 hrs1
84Moosh19764.15 hrs0
85Game, Set and Matts19542.56 hrs12
86ook18537.81 hrs7
87Electric Cheesecake18421.40 hrs1
88Electricool Engineers17680.40 hrs24
89snap17542.85 hrs44
90Greensleeves17544.41 hrs0
91Da House17548.48 hrs6
92Sam and Alicia16689.77 hrs16
93Outsiders16553.20 hrs18
948403 Team16587.16 hrs4
95We're Doomed16431.57 hrs3
96Panda Cubs1534.51 hrs1
97Nice Boat Coalition13693.44 hrs21
98The League of Associated Persons12599.89 hrs4
99Golga12458.23 hrs10
100Hercules12475.48 hrs1
101Riddler on the Roof12333.95 hrs9
102Alien Lab12342.02 hrs0
103danozz11332.33 hrs2
104The Legend of the Rent10583.71 hrs12
105The Lily Sernas10342.36 hrs11
106vanadium1021.90 hrs2
107thelowne ranger1026.67 hrs1
108Dugong9355.31 hrs5
109A Spherical Cow9356.42 hrs6
110The Third Triumvirate8492.48 hrs1
111Team Kargach8368.82 hrs1
112Straya8369.29 hrs2
113Thames Valley Terror8372.16 hrs1
114The Original Puzzle Hunters8236.37 hrs14
115Brain Slugs8245.64 hrs12
116GNDN7249.38 hrs5
117Summing Hard7276.47 hrs0
118The Newman Mathletes5274.96 hrs14
119XX-Rated511.43 hrs1
120Wanderlands512.05 hrs2
121Awkward Turtle512.37 hrs0
122DFTBA5110.12 hrs0
123Happy Chaps5112.25 hrs8
124Slightly Perturbed?5112.88 hrs1
125The Legorithms4281.52 hrs0
126team z42107.64 hrs7
127ClownLive4127.71 hrs5
128Fingerboom4129.02 hrs2
129Spiders From Mars4129.52 hrs0
130Better than maths4143.75 hrs1
131Oxbridge3165.31 hrs11
132Nclmaths3165.94 hrs0
133syncrotron6plus42172.53 hrs39
134Fishtopia2173.05 hrs0
135Els2177.18 hrs0
136Just Jacob2180.08 hrs0
137Potato2191.54 hrs1
138gjwukong21165.37 hrs1