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Team Statistics
RankTeam nameScoreSolvedAverage solve timeIncorrect guesses
1The Elite100 202.42 hrs23
2Black Fedora Group100203.78 hrs170
3plugh (pronounced pluff)100 205.19 hrs67
4Crackerjacks100 205.97 hrs123
5Killer Chicken Bones99 203.37 hrs70
6Just-Us League99206.00 hrs38
7The Judean GNUs99 206.01 hrs44
8Wild Goldfish: Lumber Support98 204.78 hrs27
9plugh (pronounced plough)98 207.56 hrs28
10ManMaths98 2012.65 hrs20
11[pi]97205.04 hrs74
12The Sons of Tamarkin - Bravo Unit97 206.91 hrs90
13plugh (pronounced ploog)97208.97 hrs36
14Nemeses97 2011.42 hrs47
15Flower Power95 2012.98 hrs89
16The Sons of Tamarkin - Alpha Unit942011.79 hrs53
17CISRA Puzzlers94 2012.31 hrs37
18Hella and the Umbrellas942014.79 hrs77
19Quarks and Gluons932014.60 hrs10
20[citation needed]912013.19 hrs12
21Tweleve Pack912020.97 hrs12
23Dyslicsix Untie891912.15 hrs82
24Game Too Hard89186.21 hrs34
25ccb88 2021.23 hrs92
26ADP Huckers87 2020.55 hrs45
27Misremembered Apple872030.70 hrs40
28Kevin871916.71 hrs9
29ducksoup87 1916.85 hrs27
30I like my Peaches stoned851918.35 hrs20
31More Smart, More Safe832027.93 hrs66
32Death From Above831923.44 hrs52
33Scum of the Earth822029.13 hrs22
34The Quick Brown Fox821922.17 hrs32
35Unencrypted821922.26 hrs93
36Felonious Ferrets812034.55 hrs18
37Masterminds802035.54 hrs16
38The Suicidal Rodents80 2036.22 hrs43
39Stick Insects R Us792030.60 hrs184
40#mise791824.36 hrs33
41Fifty-nine degrees north791720.14 hrs47
42Wedge Tail781931.15 hrs67
43Animated Ammenate78169.86 hrs41
44puzzlebunny.com751936.47 hrs10
45bandcamp741826.30 hrs18
46Chicken & ROFLs731832.00 hrs105
47Deterministic Meerkats721727.79 hrs58
48Puzzletome721621.01 hrs17
49Cambria Draconis711837.03 hrs87
50The Illegal Is Still On Land711510.29 hrs3
51CHGMN701727.88 hrs59
52The George Shouse Experience691840.46 hrs31
53Pewpewpew691625.57 hrs52
54With A Little Help From My Friends681945.54 hrs25
56The Fighting Mongooses681517.20 hrs33
57Rooman Holiday671522.19 hrs26
58The Power of Two661734.85 hrs26
59Riddler On The Roof661640.87 hrs39
60yope651742.26 hrs66
61Time Vultures651636.37 hrs33
62Knight's Troupe of the Immortal Bird641415.50 hrs6
63Puzzlebrains631636.89 hrs43
64BookCrossing611744.28 hrs42
65Professor Clayton and the Clearly Ripped Off Title611639.46 hrs117
66aoeu611313.46 hrs39
67SCSD601850.91 hrs19
68The Sexy Leprechauns591427.43 hrs48
69Disobedient Children591315.78 hrs11
70OMFGBBQ581647.59 hrs9
71fuss572080.76 hrs65
72Bounce551535.33 hrs73
73TripleM551536.87 hrs18
74Plastic Expletives551432.58 hrs41
755 Blind Boys55117.33 hrs38
76Blaidd Drwg541756.26 hrs62
77Group Theory541221.61 hrs8
78not not AoPS501338.19 hrs35
79His Snazzy Intellectual Tigers' Posse491335.41 hrs19
80Team Kargach481448.06 hrs43
81Crimson Heroes481337.93 hrs23
82Evil League of Evil481340.90 hrs42
83Outsiders471447.03 hrs43
84Chocolate Fairy Floss471234.05 hrs17
85The Natural 20s471239.14 hrs43
86[insert team name here]471014.71 hrs49
87Lefty461454.29 hrs36
88Anemonas441143.51 hrs28
89Momo44916.06 hrs56
90Jensen on a solo421561.17 hrs24
91ook421244.34 hrs38
92Red Dot Ox411135.93 hrs5
93Puzun41923.85 hrs24
94RATJAR401794.60 hrs26
95Union Kernigits401139.11 hrs32
96Game, Set and Matts401044.41 hrs9
97The League of Associated Persons40920.31 hrs9
98Eidemic Arotitis40921.76 hrs29
99Om Nom Nom Nom39810.21 hrs7
100Roti38921.92 hrs8
101Ormond Mathletes38927.97 hrs98
102DaHouse38928.97 hrs41
103Esic37824.47 hrs0
104About Ready to Sum361042.24 hrs6
105F'Cough361053.64 hrs25
106Iamian36820.37 hrs44
107USCMUTech35954.49 hrs23
108Theaceae34826.05 hrs4
109Golga33711.17 hrs21
110Nicolas Cage and the Puzzle Hunters32942.32 hrs67
111bigsmall32718.93 hrs8
112biscuit with jam311051.11 hrs22
113Epic Sailors30843.36 hrs8
114The Lower Bounds30845.12 hrs4
115Plant and Whale30734.44 hrs12
116SEEkers of Truth3064.26 hrs19
117The Alchemists29842.57 hrs118
118splintergroup28855.48 hrs98
119ClownTown28614.79 hrs12
120Carrot Stew28616.85 hrs25
121Austin Wannabes27747.32 hrs84
122Snowstorm26852.41 hrs15
123snap26629.61 hrs17
124Pawnee Rangers26631.95 hrs6
125Pic & Pic & Colegram25749.56 hrs48
126KC Goons Masquerade2553.77 hrs12
127general hospital2554.42 hrs20
128Fishbrook24635.99 hrs14
129A Mad Solution23766.24 hrs10
13020yearsofbliss23518.00 hrs12
131Yamato22636.62 hrs21
132Jack Is da Bomb22519.01 hrs1
133[nullstellansatz]22519.51 hrs1
134Divergents22521.77 hrs4
135I don't think he's that interested. I'll check tho21522.46 hrs1
136Green Geese20410.68 hrs5
137Emet of Ka'Drana20411.88 hrs1
138Shadows Of Light19651.92 hrs121
139The Air Dots16545.65 hrs20
140panjandrum15552.47 hrs14
141Repuzzlization Group15562.21 hrs1
142Straya1532.19 hrs6
143funtimes1534.84 hrs5
144Third Triumvirate15313.52 hrs0
145Team Discovery Channel15319.40 hrs1
146Devil146115.94 hrs14
1474C the future14438.58 hrs8
148Pandamonium14445.93 hrs5
149Merovingian Avengers14310.59 hrs12
150Team Jejweks14320.41 hrs51
151Smart Baby13319.15 hrs3
152The Legorithms12327.76 hrs2
153Awkward Turtle12331.79 hrs3
154jangofeet104107.14 hrs8
155Scott10343.31 hrs4
156melidover1022.50 hrs5
157TAFE1024.42 hrs27
158Alien Lab1025.58 hrs4
159we know who killed joffrey1028.28 hrs8
160Happy Chaps10216.04 hrs6
161matachine8363.22 hrs5
162Golfwidows8233.41 hrs2
163The Legend of the Rent7237.14 hrs13
164dedebu7240.38 hrs1
165CH7241.83 hrs16
166Team Oneguy7246.31 hrs4
167Another Team of One7247.23 hrs12
168GNDN7250.68 hrs23
169Nine Yards7255.54 hrs21
170Team Red510.67 hrs9
171Project Solo515.85 hrs0
172AC Dragons518.21 hrs6
173Electric Cheesecake5111.10 hrs0
174Team Duodequadringentesimus5112.46 hrs11
175Team Ubermensch5121.20 hrs11
176Undefined4126.45 hrs8
177V+M4129.76 hrs19
178apples4129.82 hrs0
179munchmunch4131.49 hrs0
180Moderately unserious4133.22 hrs5
181Max Fiftychars4134.61 hrs0
182The Solvinators4135.47 hrs0
183RedInk4138.21 hrs3
184Sunfloewr4139.09 hrs6
185Last Minute Team3152.98 hrs1
186Just for fun3155.71 hrs10
187HumbleShadow3155.77 hrs16
188shave_the_whales2175.14 hrs6
189Amateur Savant21120.50 hrs30
190Clueless21121.02 hrs8
191Luigitheunbelievable21133.41 hrs0
192There's Always Puzzles in the Banana Stand21191.44 hrs1