Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society

Puzzle Hunt Credits

Puzzle Authors:

  • Muhammad Adib Surani: Meta (Lasers), Brute Force, Destroyer of Worlds, Word List, 5-Card Stud, Lines from the Bard, Lock It In, Anthroponymy, Wise Confucius
  • Yan Zhao: A Familial Sensation, World Views, Humpty Dumpty
  • Tyrone Ghaswala: Common Sense, Lock It In, Cryptics for a Rainy Day
  • Jason Tang: Meta (Lasers), Losing Your Mind, Fun With Flags
  • Andrew Elvey Price: Meta (Lasers), Drawing Paper
  • Joshua Chang: Lines from the Bard, Wise Confucius
  • Yi Huang: Meta (Lasers), Significant Information
  • Damian Pavlyshyn: Meta (Lasers), Galactic Salesman
  • Mel Chen: Meta (Lasers), Gone to Seed
  • Matthew Ng: Anatomy of a Spaceship

Quality Control:

  • Test-solving: Muhammad Adib Surani, Yan Zhao, Tyrone Ghaswala, Jason Tang, Andrew Elvey Price
  • Graphics/Story/PDF design: Matthew Mack
  • Publicity poster: Nur Adibah Surani
  • Website: Muhammad Adib Surani
  • Answer checker puns: Joshua Chang
  • Special Mention:

    • Past Hunters: In particular, those who've contributed feedback from past hunts - we've incorporated some of your suggestions to make this hunt a better experience! Here's your chance to improve future hunts by providing us some feedback on this year's hunt.
    • Everyone: Last but not least, a huge thank you to all the Puzzle Hunters for participating!

    Sponsored by Cumpston Sarjeant and the Maths Department