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Team Statistics
RankTeam nameScoreSolvedAverage solve timeIncorrect guesses
1Return of the Plugh100 205.15 hrs112
2A New Plugh100 205.79 hrs168
3The Plugh Strikes Back100 206.99 hrs97
4The Judean GNUs99 206.59 hrs168
5The Sons of Tamarkin98 208.76 hrs172
6CISRA Puzzlers96 209.49 hrs120
7Nemeses95 2014.71 hrs160
8ducksoup94 2013.69 hrs378
9Killer Chicken Bones93 2011.78 hrs199
10The Elite902017.63 hrs55
11ADPHuckers90 2017.82 hrs146
12Dyslicsix and Friends89 2019.64 hrs217
13[pi]872019.62 hrs85
14Just-Us League872020.80 hrs54
15les irreductibles gaulois86 2028.04 hrs309
16Staggering Genius84 1926.31 hrs9
17Death From Above83 2031.96 hrs132
18One Letter Difference82 2026.46 hrs89
19th_822031.01 hrs250
20Wild Goldfish: There's Always a Bigger Fish821924.93 hrs71
21Chicken N' ROFLs81 2029.07 hrs135
22Flower Power81 2029.38 hrs108
23The Illegal Flies Again81 2035.68 hrs32
24Tweleve Pack80 2032.51 hrs22
251cool3me78 2033.36 hrs155
26Felonious Ferrets772043.12 hrs67
27Thrawn with the Windu771935.72 hrs73
28Admiral Ackbear761930.76 hrs88
29Austin Gentlemen Callers74 2043.68 hrs114
30[tensored]741618.83 hrs26
31The Quick Brown Fox73 2041.20 hrs160
32Misremembered Apple721836.12 hrs51
33Unencrypted71 2041.94 hrs247
34Sith Happens71 2047.85 hrs150
35Roo'd Awakening701834.33 hrs87
36The Catatonics69 2052.78 hrs62
37Cardinality67 2051.23 hrs259
38Quizicists and the George Shouse experience61 2057.57 hrs146
39Scum of the Earth601954.11 hrs46
40PhTeaTime59 2065.87 hrs75
41#mise581640.06 hrs87
42Team Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg571856.10 hrs116
43puzzlebunny.com561754.91 hrs44
44Fifty-nine degrees north561649.02 hrs50
45Missing Cow-ch551651.87 hrs38
46emat541550.65 hrs42
47Olde clam531652.06 hrs18
48Time Vultures531547.29 hrs83
49Green Blazers52 2084.60 hrs167
50Blood or Nothing52 2084.67 hrs161
51Masterminds481566.83 hrs49
52Group Theory481344.23 hrs38
53SGoats471452.73 hrs194
54TripleM461763.05 hrs27
55Wedge Tail451775.20 hrs7
56Jar O Rats441880.45 hrs165
57brain injury441666.27 hrs29
58The Power of Two441563.90 hrs28
59The Suicidal Rodents441458.72 hrs18
60Grand Moff Otaku421883.44 hrs18
61Revenge of the Sithtuplets421564.43 hrs89
62Puzzletome411143.49 hrs43
63MOTHERS Mystery Quest401460.49 hrs178
64Men of Low Moral Fiber401031.61 hrs51
65GAP SLACK401044.40 hrs11
66Kevin381148.20 hrs11
67Neal Tibrewala371044.25 hrs114
68Back to the Room37932.75 hrs114
69bandcamp361251.50 hrs18
70Biomedichlorians361153.52 hrs45
71Sea Calzone361154.68 hrs39
72Puzzlebrains36938.11 hrs137
73Disobedient Children351259.44 hrs16
74R2-dHAM351260.48 hrs40
75We've got what plants crave351156.30 hrs17
76CHGMN341051.17 hrs39
77gheizhwinder3315100.68 hrs8
78The Natural 20s311384.02 hrs42
79Stick Insects R Us301054.96 hrs52
80ook301056.17 hrs76
81Solo Warrior291276.47 hrs14
82Riddler on the Roof29737.79 hrs1
83Purple Donkey Fighters28950.05 hrs73
84Gorgrael271293.61 hrs14
85Puzzlers Without Borders27954.50 hrs37
86DCMA27622.89 hrs3
87Panda Cubs26624.52 hrs18
88With A Little Help From My Friends251066.42 hrs15
89Nicolas Cage and the Puzzle Hunters25968.28 hrs133
90Puzun25862.39 hrs29
91The Resistance24962.65 hrs28
92ClownTown23982.74 hrs17
93Huzzle Punters22642.56 hrs14
94Jack Up Be Carefully21861.92 hrs42
95zup zup and away21865.45 hrs34
96This is not the Team4a you're looking for21643.32 hrs29
97ynysafari21526.26 hrs20
98SCSD20989.84 hrs13
99Animated Ammenate20528.08 hrs10
100The Think Tank19999.46 hrs4
101BookCrossing19764.04 hrs13
102Epic Sailors19767.14 hrs7
103The Sphinxters19654.30 hrs29
104Om Nom Nom Nom19540.24 hrs46
105Outsiders18780.72 hrs48
106The League of Associated Persons18661.63 hrs3
107Evil League of Evil18545.41 hrs14
108Fishola17676.57 hrs2
109take two17562.39 hrs4
110Just Add Ice16657.74 hrs22
111The Dharma Bums16549.73 hrs2
112Nimble team15441.00 hrs6
113TeamRed147107.61 hrs52
114Crimson Heroes14555.75 hrs32
115Anemonas14323.26 hrs13
116Electric Cheesecake136111.90 hrs1
117Quetzalcoatl13563.73 hrs75
118Darth, Windu and Fire when ready!13572.85 hrs43
119Cthulhu @ Miskatonic University13459.35 hrs14
12037 Minutes13323.68 hrs60
121Straya12569.31 hrs7
122Bounce12571.58 hrs26
123Streets Ahead12574.60 hrs14
124Hella and the Umbrellas105102.23 hrs12
125lonesome latecomer105134.34 hrs0
126Repuzzlization Group10462.82 hrs6
127GNDN10470.39 hrs34
128snap10486.08 hrs18
129Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin104105.47 hrs4
130I Bent My Wookie9213.59 hrs7
1318403 Team9231.16 hrs0
132KC Bridge (Solo Edition)7371.86 hrs0
133Say Geronimo7394.84 hrs2
134This is not a team7244.70 hrs57
135I Taw a Putty Tat6380.96 hrs4
136Got No Time6391.73 hrs800
137Game Fett and Matts63146.23 hrs8
138Tea Party6250.59 hrs9
139Cows Eat Grass6267.08 hrs10
140max 50 chars5263.08 hrs6
141Age and Treachery5268.92 hrs3
142Northeast Ohio Force5279.87 hrs130
143Snowstorm517.25 hrs0
144oh lonesome me5111.93 hrs2
145a suit of snails5113.67 hrs9
146Team Kargach4273.99 hrs3
1474C avengers4287.17 hrs16
148House Gerald of the Bundoora Marshlands4287.55 hrs47
149The Legorithms42100.66 hrs4
150solo baldie42116.92 hrs0
151The Moonlit Travellers42129.79 hrs46
152Alien Lab4124.44 hrs0
153Plant and Whale4126.89 hrs3
154Team Dysfunctional4127.57 hrs0
155Awkward Turtle3149.28 hrs0
156puzzled3151.45 hrs4
157Emet of KaDrana3155.99 hrs1
158Team awesome3158.78 hrs6
159ThamesValleyTerror3162.87 hrs0
160Jack Is da Bomb2172.25 hrs1
161Anywhere2172.91 hrs3
162Team Oneguy2173.96 hrs6
163meh2176.21 hrs3
164Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg2179.81 hrs3
165Yoda Man21107.04 hrs2
166Plastic Expletives21146.43 hrs3