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Solution for 1.3 Eons Apart (Answer = BERETTA)

Each situation describes a James Bond movie, which has an official Eon Productions numbering from 1-24. In addition, there is also a number hidden in each one to indicate the ordering:

MovieMovie #LetterHidden Number
Tomorrow Never Dies18R3 (THIRD)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service6F1 (ONE)
Diamonds Are Forever7G6 (HALF A DOZEN)
The Man with the Golden Gun9I2 (SECOND)
A View to a Kill14N8 (RACE 8)
Casino Royale21U7 (MY NUMBER)
The World is Not Enough19S4 (FORTH)
Die Another Day20T5 (FIVE)

Ordering by the hidden number spells out the clue FIRSTGUN which refers to James Bond's first gun, the BERETTA 418.

Note: Since 418 is numerical and ignored by the answer checker, we accepted BERETTA as the canonical answer.

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