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Solution for 1.4 Diary of a Stranger (Answer = MADMAN)

The solutions to the cryptic clues contain as a sub-anagram either an animal (day 1), a Greek letter (day 2) or a country (day 3), beginning with the clued letter:

Cryptic Clues (Day 1 – Biology)AnswerAnimalsLetters
Not a picker? Made so ochreCHOOSERHORSECO
Nod off grand resonant soundDONGDOGN
Fruit struggle without placeGRAPEAPEGR
A shift breaks beliefsFAITHSFISHAT
Mother copper to the French skin discolourationMACULECAMELU
Saturated hydrocarbons? Base less lithium on decapitated onesALKANESSNAKELA
Decapitated dog tops tall hatchlingEAGLETEAGLET
Cation suffers effectACTIONCATION
Flying animals? I don’t think so!PIGSPIGS
Cryptic Clues (Day 2 – History)AnswerGreek LetterLetters
“Greetings death’s head”, he gestured with respectSALUTEDDELTASU
Spin falls from trachea briarPIPEPIPE
Box losing opener at speedRATEETAR
Strip tease stumblesTRIPSPSITR
Flamingos sheltering friendsAMIGOSSIGMAO
Sounds like our timeHOURRHOU
Pardon the unending punterPUNNUP
Rate the alternative lecture hallTHEATRETHETAER
Cryptic Clues (Day 3 – Geography)AnswerCountryLetters
Homo? Awful pansiesSAPIENSSPAINSE
Arise, us assorted marine fishSAURIESRUSSIAE
A thousand dying, sending by post!MAILINGMALIING
“You essay,” he stood to an elevated positionUPROSEPERUSO
That bunch ain’t about to releaseUNCHAINCHINAUN
“Scorn the butchered”, said DinDISDAININDIADS

The leftover letters give an album with a 4-letter artist. We can remove the two letters indicated per day for each artist.

Super TrouperABBA-BBAA
Seeing SoundsNERD-ERND

Anagramming these letters, or reading top-to-bottom right-to-left, gives us the final answer MADMAN.

Author's Notes:
This puzzle was inspired by many previous puzzles containing word lists and the solvers being tasked with finding common themes or synonyms. This puzzle played on that idea by hiding words from a single theme within other words that were less thematic. Initially, these word lists were the starting point of the puzzle but the rather straight forward cryptic clues were added as a nice way for most teams to warm up for the puzzle hunt. We hope you enjoyed them!