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Solution for 2.3 Choose Your Own Adventure (Answer = KONIGSBERG)

The points are meant to be interpreted as Cartesian points, i.e. page 57 refers to (x,y)=(5,7). However, this is not strictly required and the letters spelled may be rotated or flipped in some way otherwise.

Draw an arrow from page A to page B if it is possible for the story to flow sequentially that way.



This spells the letters SEVEN BRIDGES OF which can be completed with the answer KONIGSBERG.

Author's Notes:
Had a lot of fun creating this puzzle and I hope you all enjoyed working it out. As several of you pointed out to me, there are a number of narrative links that could fit in many different ways. I'd like to think that the ambiguity was designed but it was more of a happy coincidence. Also, to all of you who included the umlaut, you're right. I'll be sure to include those answer choices in the future.