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Solution for 2.4 Now You Will Be Gone! (Answer = SWEET POTATO)

This is a cryptic crossword with challenging clues. The solutions always had two words and were vegan-related, and unlike conventional cryptic clues, the clues here did not clue the definition. These can be solved as follows:

ClueAnswer Explanation
2. Spanish capital for Australianism is good for stalkingSOY BEAN Spanish capital is S, Australianism is oy! (A bit of liberty here with the spelling, but I felt it worked well with "Spanish" also in the clue); the bean part was a play on the word stalk. Soy beans are used for soy milk (substitute for cow's milk) and things like tofu.
3. Cutlery assortment to liberateCRUELTY FREE Cutlery anagrams to cruelty (assortment is the indicator here), liberate is a synonym for free. Vegans will try to source food, clothing or other products that are "cruelty free" - i.e. no cruelty towards animals.
4. Affirmative at broken corn cerealYEAST FLAKES Affirmative is yes, broken is the indicator for an anagram, so yes+at anagrams to yeast. Flakes as in corn flakes! Yeast flakes are used in alot of vegan recipes for cheese.
5. Mill the land for cropsFACTORY FARMFactory is a synonym for mill, and farm is land for crops. The trick here was using mill as a verb in the clue when it the solution comes from the noun. The cruelties of factory farming form the basis of the choice to adopt a vegan diet.
6. Aluminium bloodshed!AL GORE Al is the chemical symbol for aluminium and gore is a synonym for bloodshed. Al Gore is a famous vegan.
7. Vegetarians dislike satire with stingVEGAN POLICE If you take the letters of satire away from vegetarians, you get the word vegan (dislike is the cryptic indicator to do this). Police sting! The vegan police is an unaffectionate term to label vegans who are typically outspoken about consumption of animal products (especially to other vegans who are perhaps less strict in their choices).
8. Broken coral ridge to frustrated ireFREE RANGE A coral ridge is a reef, and anagrams to free (broken the indicator here again). Anger is a synonym for ire, which anagrams to range (frustrated the indicator to anagram). Free range is a bit odd here, strict vegans would scoff at this idea, but it was more in keeping with choosing food more ethically based on where and how it was sourced. Which is really what underpins the vegan ideal.
9. Sounds like join of an understudyMEAT SUBSTITUTE Meet is a synonym for join, and meet sounds like meat! Substitute is the synonym for understudy. Soy beans are typically the main ingredient in meat substitutes.
10. Flora professional heard adolescentPLANT PROTEIN Plant is the synonym for flora here. A pro is a professional, and teen is the synonym for adolescent. "Heard " is the cryptic indicator to use letters that sound like teen. If on a vegan diet, one needs to be conscious of protein intake, as not eating meat can put you below your dietary requirements. So plant sources of protein need to be added in place of it.
11. Element short of hot drink in vitamins, lack thereof?COBALAMIN DEFICIENT This was the toughest one I think. Cobalt was the element, the hot drink was tea or T. So Cobalt minus T is cobal. In vitamins are the letters amin, so this gives cobalamin. Lack thereof refers to deficient. Vegans are at risk of vitamin B12 (aka cobalamin) deficiency.
12. Lamina flow the result of multiplicationANIMAL PRODUCTFlow is an indicator to anagram. So lamina anagrams to animal. The clue here was that if using the word appropriately it should have been spelt laminar. Product is the result of multiplication. Animal products are what vegans avoid (both meat and dairy products).

One thing that is unusual is that the numbering goes from 2-12 rather than 1-11. This indicates that we want to index the nth letter (including spaces). However, this doesn't actually spell anything useful. Plus we haven't yet used the grid, so we should instead highlight the nth letters on the grid:


Reading the letters left to right, top to bottom produces the clue NOT SOUR SPUD for the final answer SWEET POTATO.

Author's Notes:
We deliberately wanted to toy with the usual conventions of crosswords:
1. The shaded spaces (green to be thematically appropriate) were not the letters for the final solution.
2. No across and down clues were given as we wanted the solver to make that step
3. The numbering of the clues was significant but did not help with placement into the grid.

Inspiration for this puzzle comes from Scott Pilgrim vs The World (and my own lifestyle choices)! Highly recommend seeing it but for the few minutes that got me:
then 2nd

It also will explain why I chose the first clue - vegan being the theme of the solutions, vegan police itself was a solution to a clue, half and half referring to each solution being two parts.

Thanks to Reece for helping with the crossword and indexing mechanic, and Adib for the helpful suggestions along the way!

James Papa