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Solution for 3.5 Hindu Shuffle (Answer = STACKED)

After some mixing and matching, you can uniquely determine eight tower of Hanoi states by ensuring each triplet has one post of each colour (white, light grey, dark grey) with the six different disks spread amongst them.

There is an optimal 63-move solution which gets from all 6 discs on the left post to all 6 discs on the right post.

Conveniently, the 8 positions are all on this optimal solution path:

Image of Tower of Hanoi discsPositionDifferenceLetter

Taking difference between successive positions spells out the final answer STACKED.

Author's Notes:
Encoding letters as the differences between optimal steps in a familiar algorithm seemed like the making of a fun puzzle. Not fun, however, is trying to come up with a word to encode that was at least somewhat relevant to the puzzle with a total letter value of 2^6 - 1 = 63.