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Solution for 4.5 Grid Logic (Answer = DORAEMON)

We can extract the diameter (this is the natural thing to do because one of the radii is not a whole number) and coordinates of the circles, then convert them to letters to give us trigrams:


This tells us to look for LAYTON DAILY PUZZLES in order to solve the remaining puzzles. With some effort, you should be able to identify the ten puzzles from the list of 40 or so daily puzzles.

Each puzzle actually encodes another trigram, which are all encoded in different ways. Here is a table of extractions:

Chiaro ObscuroClued by "Indefinite Number"ANY
Ghouls and GuardsFlag semaphoreAPY
Trains and TrainspottersImage of bow and arrowBOW
Flight MappingIATA code for Cochin AirportCOK
A Dish Too FarBinaryDMY
Little Lost DucklingsBrailleDQY
A Clean SweepMorse codeGOQ
These Little PiggiesPigpen cipherMOI
Garden FoursPieces that look like lettersOOS
The Alchemist's LairTernaryQOT

And here are the actual grid solutions (click to enlarge):

(Errata: The Ghouls and Guards solution is actually non-unique, a fact that was only noticed right before the end of the Hunt. The intended solution is shown.)

Now that we have ten new trigrams, the natural next step is to convert them back to circles. This gives us the following image:

which can be identified as the popular time-travelling Japanese animated character DORAEMON.

Author's Notes:
This puzzle is a conglomeration of three things the author wanted: an anime reference, an image extraction, as well as the Layton grid puzzles. The fact that we had a time travel theme immediately gave DORAEMON as an answer that would satisfy the first two. It was finally decided that it would be paired up with Layton puzzle ideas, for no more reason than the fact that they are both Japanese animated characters. That said, here's a fun image of Doraemon cosplaying as Professor Layton (credit to PandaBox):