Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society

Hints for 4.5 Grid Logic
  • Read 6 rainbow trigrams to obtain 10 robotic trigrams.
  • Convert each of the ten trigrams back into circles. These Little Piggies on the bottom, then The Alchemist's Lair on top - that's blue, and the golden circle from Flight Mapping in the middle. It's strange how the ghouls and guards seem to be using flag semaphore.
  • Convert each (diameter,x,y) in the first grid to a trigram, and then obtain ten more trigrams via binary, braille, a crossword clue, flag semaphore, IATA code, image recognition, morse code, pigpen cipher, ternary and things that look like letters. To double check, all obtained trigrams should have second letter O or third letter Y. A Clean Sweep of all ten puzzles is not necessary if you are good at identifying partial image fragments of Japanese animated characters. Here's a version of Garden Fours with more clues added in: