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Team Statistics
RankTeam nameScoreSolvedAverage solve timeIncorrect guesses
1Bill & Ted's Plughulous Adventure125 254.17 hrs82
2⌊π⌋125 254.17 hrs44
3Time Almost Mirrors EMAT125 254.82 hrs90
4Horton Hears a Plugh125 257.05 hrs39
5The Sons of Tamarkin124 254.70 hrs91
6The Elite123 254.91 hrs57
7Duck Soup122 255.79 hrs166
8Cat Fedora Group121 257.66 hrs159
9[redacted]121 259.01 hrs23
10Frumious Bandersnatch120 259.64 hrs237
11The Judean GNUs119 2510.73 hrs148
12Nemeses119 2513.17 hrs105
13Just-Us League1182510.99 hrs124
14The Yabby Dibblers117 2512.90 hrs43
15Killer Chicken Bones116 2512.63 hrs127
16Flower Power113 2518.02 hrs94
17Misremembered Apple1122527.87 hrs112
18Captain Jean-Luc Plughcard112 2413.22 hrs193
19HRT109 2522.81 hrs62
20Dunno109 2524.09 hrs32
21Projectyl Will Probably Regret This106 2519.51 hrs13
22Lesgaulois106 2529.15 hrs167
23mezzacotta Puzzlers105 2524.28 hrs55
24Chicken & ROFLs103 2423.68 hrs122
25The Illegal Has Landed102 2529.05 hrs6
26ManMaths BHAMLMLMLMLMS1012539.08 hrs46
27The_Underscore_Sean_Gardiner_Fanclub100 2530.97 hrs64
28Fifty-nine degrees north100 2537.04 hrs95
29Unencrypted99 2529.84 hrs169
30a rad' emu + gnu clan98 2528.91 hrs76
31CCB98 2431.50 hrs57
32Aviation Laws97 2532.99 hrs57
33Green Blazers97 2533.10 hrs167
34Tweleve Pack972533.55 hrs16
35th_96 2535.31 hrs87
36Catonics952542.28 hrs106
37Austin GC932326.63 hrs168
38Olde Clam922537.25 hrs31
39Felonious Ferrets912440.62 hrs83
40Staggering Genius902330.26 hrs10
41The Chobos902225.78 hrs97
42Horseradish89 2540.84 hrs85
43ogopogo892439.32 hrs136
44Mementos881912.33 hrs136
45ToothyCat87 2548.43 hrs71
46ACDC872127.97 hrs55
47The Quick Brown Fox862337.95 hrs177
48Team Can't Agree on a Name842554.30 hrs31
49Lefty822453.87 hrs95
50Benjamin Plughton802028.82 hrs49
51Animated Ammenate802031.10 hrs54
52Schnapsidee801715.69 hrs32
53Dyslicsix Untie791817.62 hrs48
54Libra Complexity761717.81 hrs49
55The Nightmare Stag752250.42 hrs27
56[citation needed]732140.62 hrs23
57SGoats732147.38 hrs117
58Elemental Guessing Machine731830.22 hrs44
59Time Vultures70 2257.40 hrs130
60Test Paradox, Please Ignore702054.11 hrs29
61Stick Insects R Us681943.42 hrs160
62Orphan Blank681837.17 hrs62
63CHGMN681839.48 hrs54
64Cardinality662574.34 hrs61
65The Right Brothers651952.32 hrs49
66Graviolis651629.75 hrs74
67The Power of Two642267.61 hrs8
68141.622 kph642054.69 hrs101
69Masterminds642057.16 hrs62
70Trapparatus641642.44 hrs149
71That's How You Get Ants631524.12 hrs33
72Jar O Rats622161.06 hrs191
73Kevin621845.96 hrs26
74Grubadillos61 1847.72 hrs24
75Epic Sailors611636.49 hrs26
76Employees of Escape Key - Room Escape Game602059.35 hrs67
77Sage Institute of Massage Therapy601740.62 hrs80
78TARS571661.12 hrs57
79Bandcamp571536.38 hrs24
80S.T.A.R. Labs571543.75 hrs62
81The Suicidal Rodents541967.44 hrs13
82Electric Cheesecake531865.21 hrs46
83Puzzlebrains521663.35 hrs95
84Luck of the Corvallish511664.92 hrs28
85Ook491765.99 hrs73
86int elligence491441.16 hrs75
87Room Who?481451.47 hrs71
88The Natural 20s471449.97 hrs96
89#2ndfloor471129.37 hrs20
90Team Kargach461659.65 hrs19
91A leek in thyme461559.75 hrs43
92I lost a bet to Lynn461453.44 hrs47
93forgot my name461453.64 hrs218
94Happy Chaps461235.24 hrs27
95moo461130.29 hrs16
96Puzzletome461131.56 hrs46
97Martha the Spear451663.42 hrs73
98$2 European Cow451244.15 hrs15
99dr aiiyoh to you keikaku plan sir441348.25 hrs87
100The Holistic Puzzle Agency431453.36 hrs13
101Lone wolf431348.40 hrs47
102Michael Scott Paper Company & Co.431131.25 hrs40
103PuzzLed To Truth421351.50 hrs39
104#mise42912.16 hrs16
105who wants to be on the team411032.11 hrs22
106With A Little Help From My Friends391465.69 hrs29
107Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin391471.47 hrs109
108Straya391029.15 hrs10
109Quintessential Quizzical Quadruplets38923.54 hrs117
110Puzun37930.22 hrs19
111TripleM361361.06 hrs41
112Inductor361361.59 hrs44
113Team 4A Rayquaza at Burj Khalifa cgnopsvx we tried36819.18 hrs130
114Crimson Heroes351254.13 hrs24
115xX̷x͠_̴Pu͞Zz̸13.҉Hu͝Nt3r҉5_̷x̵X̵x͟35932.55 hrs18
116ynysafari35936.05 hrs18
117Panlana341486.63 hrs9
118Outsiders341368.59 hrs48
119Om Nom Nom Nom34716.28 hrs17
120Camera club331486.04 hrs23
121Spartan Sleuths33829.66 hrs4
122Nicolas Cage and the Puzzle Hunters321052.97 hrs107
123Jejweks321052.98 hrs104
12450 shades of ham32843.41 hrs53
125Little buddha311270.17 hrs14
126CON Artists31947.50 hrs57
127Focaccia Me Now31949.00 hrs92
128We Are Puzzled301172.77 hrs59
129Life is a puzzle301061.31 hrs78
130Definitely Not30839.50 hrs30
131432 Postgrads30719.96 hrs93
132CAT FACE EMOJI27620.12 hrs9
133Cows eat grass26740.98 hrs30
134Trinity Arrows25745.10 hrs13
135Jack Is da Bomb24739.17 hrs4
136Game Too Hard2459.65 hrs36
137Puzzle Bruzzies24513.77 hrs29
138Tourbillon23758.85 hrs56
139Unpredictable Cliché23637.57 hrs9
140Team Avatar221090.20 hrs6
141Douglayce22524.62 hrs3
142Team Squadxzo21639.38 hrs60
143The Think Tank21641.14 hrs3
144Say Geronimo20885.58 hrs12
145Momo20648.65 hrs17
146Evil League of Evil20529.63 hrs33
147ClownTown2045.88 hrs3
148Eurocrypt-collision20412.14 hrs7
149Light Benders19547.71 hrs3
150ThamesValleyTerror18783.26 hrs4
151Spindly before Bromide18666.06 hrs16
152Escaped Prismers17782.68 hrs31
153Grasshopper Rockers17658.30 hrs89
154Anemonas17556.84 hrs38
155general hospital17425.31 hrs20
1568403 Team17441.06 hrs12
157To ∞ and beyond16557.33 hrs36
158Merovingian Avengers16429.55 hrs14
159The Legorithms15672.59 hrs49
160GNDN15682.56 hrs30
161Snowstorm15570.79 hrs4
162Streets Ahead15431.99 hrs2
163Age and Treachery15449.95 hrs4
164biscuit&147151.21 hrs19
165endymion14565.47 hrs26
166Alien Lab14444.30 hrs16
167what's a puzzle hunt anyway14314.99 hrs12
168The Beeeees14317.15 hrs4
169I don't have time for this13685.03 hrs13
170TEAMRED13570.17 hrs13
171Snap13584.34 hrs32
172The Turing Machinator13459.93 hrs18
173Tall Ted's Troupe12456.00 hrs38
174Gets12328.21 hrs19
175Team Oliver12340.58 hrs1
176Team Oneguy12341.07 hrs8
177whoistheZodiackiller11575.49 hrs13
178Velocirapture11485.24 hrs4
179The Flying Penguins10499.77 hrs0
180UNSWACTL10341.66 hrs7
181Dr When & Companion10343.00 hrs15
182Poseidon is a something something10366.72 hrs8
183We Dem Boyz1025.94 hrs20
184Planet Yulara1028.94 hrs7
185Cuzzled Punts10213.19 hrs8
186The Huzzlers10213.99 hrs2
187Riddler On The Roof10221.39 hrs3
188Druzyna9467.20 hrs6
189Cappy9360.25 hrs12
190Fk U Darren8478.85 hrs1
191xXPIr8b43Xx8374.67 hrs20
192master_of_one8230.59 hrs83
193Shadows Of Light8230.61 hrs4
194Group Theory8238.77 hrs2
195Dr. Nora7366.74 hrs10
196PicPic7242.03 hrs4
197SPecial Ops7251.62 hrs2
198Badger63109.12 hrs7
199Last Minute Winners63115.68 hrs13
200Just Me5299.06 hrs0
201Three Blind Rice ft. Antichrist510.81 hrs0
202Fishtopia512.65 hrs0
203513.49 hrs1
204Edward Nigma513.79 hrs35
205Disobedient Children515.73 hrs2
206Dachshund's Glory516.60 hrs15
207snow drawpz517.23 hrs100
208Flying fish518.82 hrs9
209Ka'Drana5116.92 hrs0
210Those Crazy Guys5117.15 hrs1
211Slugger's Deuces4285.42 hrs8
212CC42126.17 hrs0
213Zandermissasaurus42127.46 hrs3
214loner4133.48 hrs6
215Puzzlurgher4138.69 hrs4
216Plant and Whale4142.92 hrs0
217Maths Pathway3151.70 hrs16
218what limos up must limos down3158.66 hrs1
219The dark horses2187.67 hrs8
220denise21148.46 hrs51