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Statistics for Dr When & Companion

Description: As the blinding light subsided and the prickly heat slowly lifted off her skin the doctor was left wondering where she may have ended up this time and, maybe more importantly, when. Brilliantly reflective panels covered every surface of the cubicle sized box she found herself in and a strange illumination seemingly came from everywhere yet nowhere. Looking around there wasn’t much to see except her own reflection. Looking good as always she thought admiring the thousands of reflections that surrounded her. In some ways she was glad that regenerations weren’t like the old days, but on the other hand they new downfalls too. Ever since that fateful day when the T.R.E.V.I.S had exploded, its existence merging with hers, things had taken a rather drastic change. For one the broken chameleon circuit seemed to have amalgamated with her DNA and every subsequent regen had seen her in the same body, and a bloody hot one at that she thought checking out the toned dancer’s body staring back at her. Also she seemed to have acquired unlimited regenerations, no arguments there. Finally she now seemed to be psychically connected to the time-space vortex and could travel at will around the universe (although it often left her with a splitting headache). Unfortunately she lost control of this ability for a brief period of time in the process of regeneration, transporting herself at random to somewhere and sometime in the universe. She said a quiet thanks that she hadn’t ended up in deep space or Chemistry 2 again, those were nearly always short regenerations. Additionally these new found abilities had had a curious effect on those that the doctor had interacted with, she had now been around that long that it was rare to find ANYONE that had not encountered her personally. Given her never changing good looks everybody knew of the doctor. As such it was never a question of ‘who’ the strange woman that had helped them out of dire need was, it was a question of ‘when’. As she studied the walls of her confinement, looking for any seams or other clues regarding where or when she was she thought back to what had happened before her regeneration. She had recently found out that her number of regenerations was starting to have an odd effect on the space time continuum. Odd time fluctuations were occurring on the planet Earth and it seemed the only way to solve the problem was to complete a series of obscure puzzles leading to why … PSSKSKSKSK, a pneumatic hiss interrupted her thoughts and the panel in front of her abruptly swung outwards, revealing the silhouette of a man. There was a short silence, “I’m the doctor” she said jovially in order to speed things up. She waited for the normal response of ‘Doctor? When have I met you before?’. But it never came. Instead the figure looked at her like he had no idea who she was “Doctor Who?” he asked instead. She was taken aback, that was a question no one had asked her in a very, very long time, she liked that difference. “What is your name friend” the doctor inquired, knowing that something special was beginning, she hadn’t had a companion in some time and always craved having a sounding board for her crazy banter. “Chris” came a succinct reply and then as if he had read her mind he added “I would very much like to be your companion”.

Score: 10
Puzzles: 3

Incorrect Guesses: 15

Chris McWilliam (Companion)
Georgia Prato (Dr When)

Solved puzzle Time of solve Score Incorrect guesses
3.4 PedigreesWed 11 May 15:02:4651
1.1 Pursued by a BearWed 11 May 15:25:2633
1.5 LegendaryThu 12 May 14:32:0424