Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society

Statistics for The Legorithms

Description: A group of vegetable rights activists, committed to preventing violence against bok choy wherever we can, in whatever manner we can. Oh, and we might solve some puzzles while we're at it, we'll see.

Score: 15
Puzzles: 6

Incorrect Guesses: 49

Andrew Liang
Ethan Rossborough
Jeremy Pattison
Jess Hast
John Duong
Lucinda Aulsebrook
Peter Lego
Samantha Potter
Samuel Jin

Solved puzzle Time of solve Score Incorrect guesses
1.5 LegendaryTue 10 May 16:49:47419
1.1 Pursued by a BearThu 12 May 13:28:2320
1.3 Eons ApartThu 12 May 14:31:4229
3.4 PedigreesFri 13 May 19:21:2430
2.1 Animal FarmSun 15 May 15:22:08219
5.2 Time's WheelMon 16 May 19:58:2921