Percy Deift
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AMSI/CoE 2004, 22-23 August 2004



Professor Deift has been a central participant and major influence in the development of exact and rigorous mathematical analyses applied to a diverse range of physical models currently under intense study, such as the random matrix models which are the paradigm of quantum chaotic systems. Along with his collaborators he has constructed the most powerful tools of asymptotic analysis that are available today and it is the use of these tools which have settled many difficult and longstanding problems associated with the physical theories. He is the author of a monograph and many review articles describing these methods.

He has been a full professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University since 1988 and has held visiting positions at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton University, at Caltech and the University of Pennsylvania. Over the past ten years he has given 26 invited lectures across the globe including an invited address at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin 1998. He is on the editorial boards of three prestigious mathematical journals. Among his recent honours he has won the special creativity award from the National Science Foundation 1997-1999, been the co-winner of the George Polya prize in 1998 and was a Guggenheim Fellow in 1999-2000. His body of work now comprises 79 publications in a range of the highest ranking mathematical and physical sciences journals.


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