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Of course if life consisted of only mathematics, we'd all die of boredom like poor Neville (if you haven't read The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey I strongly suggest you do so; I keep a copy in my office). Since April of 2004, I've been addicted to crochet, knitting, spinning, dyeing and pretty much anything fibre-related. I'm an avid fan of upsetting "normal" society, and so I engage in Radical Knitting whenever possible. You can read my Manifesto.

Knitting and other Craft Projects (Past and Present)

Not an encyclopaedic cataologue of things I've done, but more of a whirlwind tour of things I've created. Dominated by knitting, some crochet, some weaving and a few things which don't fit any of these.

When navigating, the symbols (immediately below) are for: a different view, a pattern (when available), previous item, next item, and return to this page (respectively).


Double-knit Hat

Green Gloves

Double-knit Scarf
Rainbow Gloves

Feathers and Fan Shawl

Wig and Fishnets


Crocheted Chequered Scarf

Rainbow Crocheted Scarf

Rainbow Blanket



Woven Placemats

Plum Yarn
Woven Scarf

Spinning Wheel


Tips and Techniques

I'll probably be running a Radical Knitting workshop some time in the future, so keep an eye out if you're keen. Until then, you can see some basic information on my learn to knit (pdf) sheet. I do plan on adding to this section, but I'm quite busy presently.


Until I get organised and type the rest of my patterns, you can download the following (all in .pdf format):

Crocheted Chequered Scarf

Double-knit Topologist's Hat

Double-knit Scarf


Or you could just look at the cute/pretty ones I have found elsewhere:

Feathers & Fan Shawl

Marvin (from The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy)


Lolita Legs (Fishnets)


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