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This list will get longer when I can be bothered to put everyone down...

Maths-y Pages

Loretta Bartolini

A friend of mine from Uni, Loretta may be maths-y, but in a cool sort of way...


The Maths Department Postgraduate Group, STAMP has info about all things going on at the Melb. Uni Maths Department (usually involves cake...).

Useful Maths-y Pages


For when you really don't remember something you ought. Annoying to navigate, but good enough.

Encyclopaedia of Integer Sequences

If you deal with sequences & generating functions (like I do) then this should be your first port of call when you find a new sequence.

Knitting Sites


Great (queer) site with some patterns/techniques/ links, includes the GLBT-knit e-mail list which is a great resource for all sorts of obscure techniques & people who are happy to help fix any problems you may come across...


Full of all sorts of weird & wonderful patterns.


You'd be surprised how easy it is to find patterns/detailed instructions/definitions.


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