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Despite everything else, I still seem to find time for:

UMPA Council

UMPA (the University of Melbourne Postgraduate Association) is effectively the student union for postgrads here at Melbourne University. Currently, I chair the meetings of Council, and am a member of the Executive.

As a previous Queer Officer, I maintain a particular interest in all things queer. To find out about events/issues then subscribe to the queerlist by sending an email with no subject and "subscribe queerlist" in the body to maiser@umpa.unimelb.edu.au.

University Committees

As part of my commitment to UMPA, I am a member of a few university committees: TALQAC (Teaching and Learning Quality Assurance Committee), SPRC (Sports and Physical Recreation Committee) and the Science Faculty Board. To provide input on these matters, you can contact me by e-mail.

Pan Toilets Campaign

Toilets are spaces which enforce gender binaries and marginalise those who don't fit society's notions of female/male. The Pan Toilets campaign aims to create spaces on campus which don't reinforce gender in this way. Melbourne University has established its first Pan toilet on the ground floor of the 1888 (Graduate) Building on the Parkville campus. This was achieved by the Postgraduate Association (UMPA) without University assistance or support.

Australian Census Discrimination Campaign

The Australian census, conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, does not intend to collect statistics on those who do not identify exclusively as "female" or "male" (this includes those who are trans, intersex and genderqueer). For more information, see here.


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