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Vector Analysis Advanced
Semester 1, 2008

620-233 Contents

Marsden and Tromba, "Vector Calculus", 5th edition: The website includes an "Internet Supplement": a pdf file (2628KB) containing
some more technical proofs, some interesting applications, and a sample examination with complete solutions.

3D-XplorMath is a mathematical visualization program for Macintosh
computers running version 9 or later of MacOS. It can be used to explore many interesting mathematical objects, ranging from planar and space curves to polyhedra and surfaces to ordinary and partial differential equations, and fractals:

3D-XplorMath Galleries
This contains pictures of many interesting surfaces produced by
Richard Palais's program 3D-XplorMath:

Web Links for Minimal Surfaces

1. The Virtual Minimal Surface Museum at Indiana University, Bloomington:
3. Deformation of the Catenoid to the Helicoid:
4. A large collection of minimal surface pictures:




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