Boltzmann Medal

The Boltzmann Award is presented by the C3 Commission on Statistical Physics of the IUPAP every three years, at the Statphys Conference. The award, consisting of a gilded medal, honours outstanding achievements in Statistical Physics. The recipient is a scientist who has not received the Boltzmann Medal or Nobel Prize before.

The C3 commission is pleased to announce that the Boltzmann Medal for 2010 will be awarded during StatPhys24 to

John Cardy, for his numerous seminal contributions to two-dimensional critical phenomena in statistical physics, including the development and application of conformal field theory, finite-size effects and percolation.

Bernard Derrida, for his major contributions to the understanding of disordered and of out-of-equilibrium systems, in particular through the random energy model, and through his breakthroughs in the asymmetric exclusion model.

John Cardy Bernard Derrida

The winners will each give a presentation during the award ceremony on Wednesday morning.

J. Cardy
Title: The ubiquitous c — from the Stefan-Boltzmann law to quantum information theory

B. Derrida
Title: Macroscopic versus microscopic approaches to non-equilibrium systems

Previous winners

1975 K.G. Wilson
1977 R. Kubo
1980 R.J. Baxter
1983 M.E. Fisher
1986 D. Ruelle and Y. Sinai
1989 L.P. Kadanoff
1992 J. Lebowitz and G. Parisi
1995 S.F. Edwards
1998 E. Lieb and B. Widom
2001 B.J. Alder and K. Kawasaki
2004 E.G.D. Cohen and H.E. Stanley
2007 K. Binder and G. Gallavotti
2010 J. Cardy and B. Derrida


The winners of the award have been chosen by a selection committee, consisting of the members of the C3 commission, the Chairman of the previous Commission (D. Mukamel), the Australian representative of the Scientific Committee of the Statphys Conference (A.J. Guttmann), and the previous award winners.

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