Satellite Meetings

Brisbane Bangalore
Cairns Beijing
Melbourne Hanoi
Port Douglas Hong Kong
Sydney Kyoto


Combinatorics and Mathematical Physics

Centre for Mathematical Physics, University of Queensland, Brisbane
12 – 14 July, 2010

Organisers: Richard Brak, Jan de Gier, Murray Elder, Omar Foda, Peter Forrester,
Tony Guttmann and Ole Warnaar

Statistical and mathematical physics are intrinsically related to enumerative and algebraic combinatorics, and these fields have produced an exciting area of cross-fertilisation. This satellite meeting preceding STATPHYS24 recognises the maturity of this field, and will focus on the most recent developments growing out of the interaction between combinatorialists and statistical physicists.

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Exactly Solvable Models in Statistical Physics

Centre for Mathematical Physics, University of Queensland, Brisbane
14 – 17 July, 2010

Email: SMSP2010
Organisers: Rodney Baxter, Vladimir Bazhanov, Phil Isaac, Guiseppe Mussardo,
Paul Pearce and Yao-Zhong Zhang

This satellite meeting will cover developments over the last 3 years (since the StatPhys23 Meeting in Genoa) in the area of Exactly Solvable Models in Statistical Physics. Topics to be highlighted include:

  • Solvable two-dimensional lattice models and Yang-Baxter methods
  • Bethe ansatz and quantum spin chains
  • Solvable models of many-body systems
  • Exact integrability in CFT and QFT

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22nd International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP)

Cairns Convention Centre
25 – 30 July, 2010

Organisers: Peter Hannaford, Hans Bachor and Ken Baldwin

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Statistical Physics of Lattice Polymers

Department of Mathematics and Statistics/MASCOS, University of Melbourne, Melbourne
7 – 9 July, 2010

Organisers: Aleks Owczarek, Stu Whittington, Iwan Jensen, Richard Brak and Gary Iliev

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Monte Carlo Algorithms in Statistical Physics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics/MASCOS, University of Melbourne, Melbourne
26 – 28 July, 2010

Organisers: Nathan Clisby and Tim Garoni

Speakers from across the field of statistical physics will discuss the application of Monte Carlo algorithms to their problems, sharing insights into why a given algorithm is powerful for studying a particular physical system.

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Port Douglas

Unwinding Complexity: Statistical Physics Perspectives on Complex Systems and Complex Materials

Port Douglas
24 – 26 July, 2010

Organisers: Tomaso Aste, Tiziana Di Matteo and Ruggero Gramatica

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Dynamics Days Asia Pacific Conference 2010

School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New South Wales, Sydney
12 – 14 July, 2010

Organisers: Bruce Henry, John Roberts and Gary Froyland

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Liquids out of Equilibrium

School of Chemistry, University of Sydney, Sydney
12 – 16 July, 2010

Organiser: Peter Harrowell

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Conference and School on Nucleation, Aggregation and Growth (NAG2010)

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Jakkur P.O, Bangalore - 560064
26 – 30 July, 2010
School dates: 1 – 6 August, 2010

Poster: NAG2010.pdf
Organisers: S. Sastry (Bengaluru), S. Sengupta (Kolkata)

The overall scope of the conference is the conceptual understanding of nucleation, aggregation and growth phenomena with applications of experimental, theoretical and computational techniques to a diverse range of physical, chemical and biological systems. To maximize the benefits of interaction among participants, the current program is organized around a few focus areas, viz. Soft matter systems, biological assembly, mechanical behavior and non-equilibrium processes in solids.

Nucleation, patterning, glass transition and gelation in colloidal suspensions, self assembly in macromolecular solids, active aggregation in biological systems, fracture, solid state nucleation and microstructures are some of the topics that will be represented.

The conference is followed by a school addressing the broader theme of nucleation, aggregation and growth phenomena going beyond the specific themes of the conference.

Topics of the school:
  • Nucleation
  • Colloids
  • Instability, Growth and Pattern Formation
  • Biological Self-Assembly
  • Active Matter

Students and researchers interested in participating in the school/conference, and/or present a contributed talk at the conference, Should apply online through the event web site, any time from April 1, 2010 to May 15, 2010. Selected participants will be informed soon thereafter.

Lecturers at the School**:

Charusita Chakravarty (Delhi) David Reguera(Barcelona)
Erika Eiser (Cambridge) D.D. Sarma (Bengaluru)*
Willem Kegel (Utrecht) Srikanth Sastry (Bengaluru)
Anael Lemaitre (LCPC, France) Tanja Schilling (Luxembourg)*
Gautam Menon (Chennai) Surajit Sengupta (Kolkata)
Sanjay Puri (Delhi) P.B. Sunil Kumar (Madras)
Madan Rao (Bengaluru) D. Thirumalai (Maryland)*
Sriram Ramaswamy (Bengaluru) Jayant B. Udgaonkar (Bengaluru)

* to be confirmed

** will also speak at the conference

Invited Speakers at the Conference:

Kaushik Bhattacharya (Caltech)*
Elizabeth Bouchaud (Saclay)
Richard Bowles (Saskatchewan)
Shankar Ghosh (Mumbai)
Steve Granick (Illinois)
M. Muthukumar (Massachusetts)
Maitreyi Narasimha (Mumbai)
Paddy Royall (Bristol)
Ashutosh Sharma (IKanpur)*
D.A. Weitz (Harvard)*

* to be confirmed


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Perspectives in Nonlinear Dynamics

26 – 29 July, 2010

Organisers: N. Gupte, A. Lakshminarayan and R. Ramaswamy

The PNLD meetings highlight nonlinear science research, and have proved to be a useful forum for the exchange of ideas, for presenting research, and for catalysing research. This meeting will be the third ofthe series: PNLD 2004 was held in Chennai and PNLD 2007 was held in Trieste, Italy.

The themes we aim to explore in this program include:

  • Dynamical Systems Theory
  • The interplay of noise and nonlinearity
  • Evolving networks with complex topology
  • Quantum Chaos and Quantum Information
  • Recent developments in integrable systems
  • Nonlinear science applications

The scientific program will consist of invited and contributed talks, as well as posters, and will be limited to about 100 participants. Contributed talks may be submitted to the conference e-mail account with the word ABSTRACT in the subject header.

This conference is a part of the Nonlinear Sciences Perspectives program of the International Centre of Theoretical Sciences. A workshop on quantum chaos and quantum information, one of the conference themes, is a part of this program and will be held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 21-25 July, 2010.

Registration: At the web-site. There is no registration fee.
Abstract submission : 15 June 2010.
Accommodation Requests: 15 June 2010.
Registration: 15 July 2010.

Invited speakers:

G. Ambika (Pune) Bambi Hu (Houston/Hongkong)
R.E. Amritkar (Ahmedabad) Visarath In (San Diego)
G. Ananthakrishna (Bangalore) B. Kahng (Seoul)
Amit Apte (Bangalore) J. Kurths (Potsdam)
F. Atay (Leipzig) M. Lakshmanan (Trichy)
A. Buchleitner (Freiburg) Baowen Li (Singapore)
Amitabh Joshi (Bangalore) A. Longtin (Montreal)
C. K. Chan (Taipei) T. Monteiro (London)
Amita Das (Gandhinagar) A. Prasad (New Delhi)
Chandan Dasgupta (Bangalore) A. Politi (Firenze )
Sutirth Dey (Pune) K. Porsezian (Pondicherry)
T. Dittrich (Bogota) M. C. Romano (Aberdeen)
U. Feudel (Oldenburg) M. S. Santhanam (Pune)
S. Flach (Dresden) Gautam Sethia (Gandhinagar)
Hu Gang (Beijing) Sitabhra Sinha (Chennai)
T. Geisel (Gottingen) Somdatta Sinha (Hyderabad)
Jiangbin Gong (Singapore) Nandini C Singh (Manesar)
Binoy Goswami (Mumbai) S. Tomsovic (Pullman)
C. Grebogi (Aberdeen) Mahendra K. Verma (Kanpur)
Thilo Gross (Dresden)  

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Statistical Physics and Computer Science

Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhong-Guan-Cun East Road 55, 100190 Beijing
8 – 11 July, 2010

Organisers: Mikko Alava (Stockholm), Erik Aurell (Helsinki), Henri Orland (Paris)
Xiao-Song Chen (Beijing), Ke Xu (Beijing), Bo Zheng (Hangzhou), Haijun Zhou (Beijing)

The theme of this workshop will be statistical physics and its interactions with computer science, information theory, and other interdisciplinary fields. Three days of the workshop will be invited and contributed talks, informal discussions, and a round-table discussion; a guided tour will also be organized.

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Frustrated Spin Systems, Cold Atoms, Nanomaterials

14 – 16 July, 2010

Organisers: H.T. Diep (Cergy-Pontoise), Ph. Lecheminant (Cergy-Pontoise),
  Nguyen Ai Viet (Hanoi), Nguyen Van Lien (Hanoi), Ngo Van Thanh (Hanoi)

The aim of this conference is to gather researchers working on the following subjects which have been extensively developed in the last 20 years: frustrated spin systems, nanomaterials and ultracold atoms. These subjects have been chosen for this STATPHYS24 satellite conference because statistical physics has provided methods for their theoretical development and concepts for interpretation and explanation of experimental results. Also, they have been chosen because of their numerous applications which affect deeply our way of life since 20 years.

Hanoi is a beautiful city with easy flight connections to other cities of the region. It is chosen also because of its fast development of research activities in general, and in statistical physics in particular. The organization of this conference in Hanoi would facilitate young researchers to establish personal contacts with their colleagues in other countries.

  • Frustrated Spin Systems:
    • Frustrated systems without disorder
    • Spin glass and other disordered frustrated systems
  • Nanomaterials:
    • Electronic bands in nanomaterials: ab-initio calculations, experiments
    • Transport in nanomaterials: spin and electronic transports
    • Quantum dots and wires, nano-devices, carbon nano-structures, nano-crystals
    • Surfaces and Interfaces
  • Ultracold atoms:
    • Ultracold atoms
    • Quantum information
  • Other subjects related to statisitcal mechanics
    • Biomaterials: Polymer and bio-molecules, biophysics, biomedical physics
    • Complex systems (ecology-related systems)

Partial list of invited speakers:

P. Azaria (Paris)
L. Balents (KITP, Santa Barbara)*
S. Capponi (Toulouse)
F. Chevy (Paris)*
B. Douçot (Paris)
N. Dupuis (Paris)
Z. Hiroi (Tokyo)
H. Johannesson (Gotenborg)*
T. Momoi (Riken)
G. Tatara (Tokyo)
K. Totsuka (Kyoto)*

* to be confirmed


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Hong Kong

StatPhysHK: Complexity, Computation and Information

Hong Kong
13 – 16 July, 2010

Poster: statphysHK_poster.pdf
Chair: L.-H. Tang (HKBU)
Co-Chair: M.K.Y. Wong (HKUST)
Members: E.S.C. Ching (CUHK), H. Nishimori (Tokyo Inst Tech), H. Park (KIAS, Korea),
  P. Sheng (HKUST), M. Van Hove (CityU), C.S. Zhou (HKBU), H.J. Zhou (ITP, Beijing)

The study of complex systems is a burgeoning interdisciplinary research area which covers a broad spectrum of topics ranging from nanomaterials to systems biology to economics. Privileged with a long tradition and proven success of treating many-body systems with systematic and quantitative tools, the statistical physics community is intensely engaged in this scientific endeavor. Two of the key aspects of complexity which have been actively pursued in theoretical and computational studies are

i) constrained optimization and the structure of the solution-space, and
ii) organized behavior in information processing and optimized response.

The conference aims at reviewing recent progress in these directions, communicating the latest results and newly established methodologies among the participants, and identifying common themes and issues for further investigation.

Partial list of invited speakers:

Robert Austin (Princeton) Marc Mézard (Orsay)
Bernard Derrida (ENS) David Mukamel (Weizmann)
Hugues Chate (Saclay) Hidetoshi Nishimori (Tokyo Inst Tech)
Eytan Domany (Weizmann) Giorgio Parisi (Rome)
Daniel Fisher (Stanford) Hyunggyu Park (KIAS)
Bailin Hao (Fudan) Ping Sheng (HKUST)
Terry Hwa (UCSD) David Sherrington (Oxford)
Nobuyasu Ito (Tokyo)* H. Eugene Stanley (Boston)
Mogens Jenssen (Niels Bohr Inst) Chao Tang (UCSF)
Kunihiko Kaneko (Tokyo) Yuhai Tu (IBM Research)
Mehran Kardar (MIT)* Christian Van den Broeck (Hasselt)
Joachim Krug (Cologne)* Dietrich E Wolf (Duisburg)
Michael Lässig (Cologne) Massimo Vergassola (Pasteur)
Hao Li (UCSF) Yi-Cheng Zhang (Fribourg)*
Matteo Marsili (SISSA)

* to be confirmed

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Statistical Physics and Topology of Polymers with Ramifications to Structure and Function of DNA and Proteins

YITP, Kyoto University, Kyoto
2 – 6 Aug, 2010

Organisers: T. Deguchi, A. Stasiak, H. Hayakawa and K. Shimokawa

Confirmed invited speakers:

Andy Bates (Liverpool) Keir Neuman (NIH Bethesda)
Dorothy Buck (Imperial College) Mario Nicodemi (Warwick)
Jason Cantarella (Georgia) Jun O'Hara (Tokyo)
Hue Sun Chan (Toronto) Enzo Orlandini (Padova)
Vincent Croquette (ENS) Eleni Panagiotou (Athens)
Tetsuo Deguchi (Ochanomizu) Eric Rawdon (St Thomas)
Giovanni Dietler (Lausanne) Koya Shimokawa (Saitama)
Vincent Dion (Basel) Chris Soteros (Saskatchewan)
Bertrand Duplantier (Saclay) Andrzej Stasiak (Lausanne)
Claus Ernst (Kentucky) Attilio Stella (Padova)
Sarah A Harris (Leeds) Joanna Sulkowska (San Diego)
Stephen Hyde (Canberra) De Witt Sumners (Florida)
Atsushi Ikai (Tokyo) Jiro Suzuki (KEK Tsykuba)
Kai Ishihara (Saitama) Atsushi Takano (Nagoya)
Akio Kawauchi (Osaka) Kouki Taniyama (Waseda)
Stephen Levene (Texas) Maria Carla Tesi (Bologna)
Marc Mansfield (Stevens Inst Tech) Jean-Louis Viovy (Curie Inst)
Cristian Micheletti (Trieste) Peter Virnau (Mainz)
Ken Millett (Santa Barbara) Lynn Zechiedrich (Baylor College)

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New Frontiers in Complex Networks

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University, Seoul
12 – 16 July, 2010

Organisers: H. Eugene Stanley (Boston University) (Co-chair), Doochul Kim (Seoul National
University) (Co-chair), Janos Kertesz (Budapest University of Technology and
Economics), Byungnam Kahng (Seoul National University)

Since the small-world network and the scale-free network had been introduced in 1998 and 1999, respectively, a large number of papers have been published during the last ten years. The complex network is attractive not only as the pattern discovered ubiquitously in real world, but also as the unifying framework to understand inherent complexity in nature. The conference will look behind what the network community has achieved during the last ten years and discuss together what we can do in the future. The topics of interests will cover fundamental concepts and mathematical features of complex networks as well as their applications in a variety of disciplines including physics, biology, information science, sociology, and economics.

Partial list of invited speakers:

Ginestra Bianconi (Northeastern) H. Meyer-Otterman (Bremen)
Marian Boguna (Barcelona) Yamir Moreno (Zaragoza)
Guido Cardarelli (Rome) Petter Minnhagen (Umeå)
Albert Diaz-Guilera (Barcelona) Romualdo Pastor-Satorras (Catalunya)
Shlomo Havlin (Bar-Ilan) Luciano Pietronero (Rome)
Hans Hermann (ETH Zurich) H. Eugene Stanley (Boston)
Metthew Jackson (Stanford) Alessandro Vespignani (Idiana)
Janos Kertesz (Budapest) Robert M Ziff (Michigan)
Hernán Alejandro Makse (City College, New York)

and more.

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Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

School of Physics, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul
26 – 29 July, 2010

Organisers: H. Park (KIAS) and J.D. Noh (UOS)

The KIAS Conference on Statistical Physics is a biannual conference since 2004. It aims to present new ideas in statistical physics and related fields and to facilitate mutual collaborations among scientists. The fourth conference this year is a satellite meeting of STATPHYS 24 at Cairns, Australia.

Topics include nonequilibrium fluctuations, nonequilibrium phase transitions, large deviations, disordered and glassy systems, population dynamics, bio-related problems, and more....

Partial list of invited speakers:

Hugues Chate (Saclay) Herbert Levine (San Diego)*
Sergio Ciliberto (Lyon)* Satya Majumdar (Orsay)
Gavin Crooks (LBL) David Mukamel (Weizmann)
Marcel den Nijs (Seattle) Heiko Rieger (Saarbrucken)
Bernard Derrida (Paris)* Shin-Ichi Sasa (Tokyo)
Joachim Krug (Koln) Lei-Han Tang (Hong Kong)
Jorge Kurchan (Paris)* Haijun Zhou (Beijing)
Pierre Le Doussal (Paris)* Royce Zia (Virginia)

* to be confirmed

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Transmission of Information and Energy in Nonlinear & Complex Systems (TIENCS)

Centre for Computational Science and engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore
5 – 9 July, 2010

Honorary Chair: K.K. Phua (NTU/World Sci.)
Co-Chairs: B. Li (NUS) and J.-S. Wang (NUS)
Members: J.-H. Lan (IHPC), G. Zhang (IME), G. Wu (IHPC),
  L.-F. Zhang (NU) and J. Thong
Secretary: Ms A.A.H. Pheng (NUS)

The Centre for Computational Science and Engineering, National University of Singapore will be hosting the third international workshop on Transmission of Information and Energy in Nonlinear and Complex Systems (TIENCS) with focus on nanoscale heat transport and thermoelectrics. The workshop will be held at the university campus.

The workshop consists two parts. In the first two and half days, there are pedagogical lectures on fundamental methods in studying phonon transport. There will be 10 lectures each for 90 minutes. The topics covers molecular dynamics, kinetic theory of phonon transport, non-equilibrium Green's function method, Boltzmann transport theory, master equation method, fluctuation-dissipation theory, effective phonon theory etc. In the second part of last two days, there will be short talks, each with 30 min on the most recent developments (both theoretical and experimental) in this filed. The workshop will bring mathematicians, physicists, material scientists and engineers together to discuss the challenging problems.

List of invited speakers:

A. Dhar (Bangalore) S. Maruyama (Tokyo) L.-A Wu (Bilbao)
A.A. Balandin (Riverside)* N Mingo* (Grenoble) L. Wang (Beijing)
G. Chen (MIT) A.J.H. McGaughey (Carn.-M.) J.-S Wang (Singapore)
P. Gaspard (Brussels)* T. Prosen (Ljubljana) T. Yamamoto (Tokyo)*
P. Hanggi (Augsburg/Sing.) A. Nitzan (Tel Aviv) W.-Q Zhang (Shanghai)
B. Hu (Houston) K. Saito (Tokyo)  
P. Keblinski (New York) D. Segal (Toronto)*  
J. Li (U Penn)* A. Shakouri (Santa Cruz)*  
N.-B Li (Augsburg) L. Shi (Austin)  
H. Linke (Lund) S. Tasaki (Tokyo)  

* to be confirmed


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The 10th Taiwan International Symposium on Statistical Physics: Critical Phenomena and Complex Biological Systems

Institute of Physics of Academia Sinica, Taipei 11529, Taiwan
27 – 31 July, 2010

Organiser: Chin-Kun Hu

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Statistical Physics of Quantum Systems

2 – 4 August, 2010

Organisers: S. Miyashita, N. Hatano, M. Imada, N. Kawakami, N. Kawashima, A. Kuniba
H. Nishimori, M. Oshikawa and S. Todo

Recently, various novel properties of strongly interaction quantum systems have been revealed, and also quantum dynamics under time-depending field has attracted interests. We will discuss new aspects related to these subjects and related topics. The topics will be

  • Phase transitions in quantum systems
  • Novel quantum properties in the ground state
  • Quantum dynamics
  • Quantum transport phenomena
  • Quantum information processing, etc.

Partial list of confirmed speakers:

M. Batchelor (Australian National University)
O. Cepas (Grenoble, CNRS)
G. Ordonez (Butler University)
T. Petrosky (University of Texas)
H.A. De Raedt (University of Groningen)
M. Troyer (ETH)
G. Vidal (University of Queensland)
T. Xiang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

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