School of Mathematics and Statistics Vacation Scholarships

Geometry & Topology

Exploring triangulations of manifolds in dimensions two and three
(re-posted for 2017-2018, 2014-2015 report)

An n-dimensional manifold is a topological space that is locally modeled on R^n.
Two-dimensional and three-dimensional manifolds are particularly nice because they
decompose into triangles and tetrahedra, respectively. Although that last fact has
been known for quite some time, there are a variety of open questions surrounding the
combinatorics and geometry of these triangulations. We are hoping to lead Vacation
Scholars to investigate some of these questions. We would be amenable to leading
individuals, but would prefer to lead a group project.

Contact: Craig Hodgson

Enumerative geometry and physics
(posted for 2014-2015, report 1, report 2)

Mirror symmetry is one of the most important and influential problems in mathematics and mathematical physics. At the simplest level mirror symmetry realises solutions of enumerative problems from mathematical physics in two quite different ways. This project involves concrete calculations related to geometry that give an accessible approach to mirror symmetry for students. It involves techniques from geometry, complex analysis, combinatorics and simple programming.

Contact: Paul Norbury

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Geometry & Topology

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